Earth Day

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Searching high and low for beautiful eco-friendly designers this week. What are your favorites?   Round Glasses, Carla Colour ; Grocery Shopping Tote, Apolis ; Dress,...

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well brushed hair alex rubio garance dore photos

Well Brushed

Anyone who knows me now is going to say this sounds crazy, but I used to think it was kind of uncool...

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our girl goes tanning on a rooftop shopping board garance dore photos

Our Girl Goes Tanning

It’s summer in New York, and there’s nowhere better to tan than on a rooftop…...

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stella mccartney resort 2016 beauty garance dore photos

5 Things I Learned Backstage at Stella McCartney

Who doesn’t want to be a Stella girl? That effortlessly cool, eco-conscious woman, someone who...

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aveda chakra garance dore photos


Do you believe in chakras? It’s not for everyone, but it’s cool to think of these energy...

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byredo parfum cheveux hair perfume beauty garance dore photos

Parfum Pour Cheveux

Long hair, don’t care. Ok, so that might be true for some things, but one thing that’s...

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hand cream aveda garance dore photos

I Think I’m Addicted…

To hand cream. I wish I was joking! (But I’m not.) I think the addiction is in the more...

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Lauren Young Photo

A beauty minute with Lauren Young

Morning: I wash my face with Eve Lom cleanser and then I use Laura Mercier Mega Moisturizer and...

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I for sure consider myself coming from a pretty low base camp when it comes to beauty (I wash my...

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