Let’s Have a Bath

Clockwise from top right: Witch Hazel Bath, Susanne Kaufmann; Bath Salts, Lord Jones; Bath Foam, Frédéric Malle; Bath Salts, Vertly; Bath Soak, Herbivore;  Bath Oil, Olverum.

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Take A Bath

Bath glove, Baudelaire Sisai; Bath Robe, La Perla; Bath Soak, Maud; Body Oil, Kora Organics; Bathtub...

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Hellen’s Bath Brews

How delicious does a “bath brew” sound? I’m not even that much of a fan of a bath...

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Midnight at the Esalen Baths

Midnight at the Esalen Baths

At 1:30 a.m. one Friday night, my fiancé and I found ourselves in a tub with 30 strangers,...

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The Escape of a Bath

You might remember the delightful Allison Baar from her poetry piece here. Well, we brought her back...

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Palermo Bath Salts

Palermo Bath Salts

We’ve officially reached peak November. The scarves have come out, the comforting scent of...

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