Things We Slacked / To Blonde or Not to Blonde

Things We Slacked / To Blonde or Not to Blonde

Welcome to new spin on our beloved Things We Slacked posts. We don’t just slack links between each other all day. We also slack about very important topics, such as natural deodorant. So...

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bleaching it mini garance dore photo

Bleaching It

I’ve been talking about bleaching my hair for about a year now and I haven’t been able to pull...

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<font size=5>my</font size=5> <font size=6><em><B>nights</B></em></font size=6><font size=4> are more </font size=4><font size=6>beautiful</font size=6> <font size=5>than your <B><font size=6>days</font size=6></B>.</font size=5>.<font size=5>.</font size=5>

my nights are more beautiful than your days...

Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. Everywhere I’m seeing girls who want to make me jealous...

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nouvelle vague

nouvelle vague

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

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