Byredo’s La Sélection Valentine

Byredo’s La Sélection Valentine

Ahhh Valentine’s Day. The trickiest of holidays for a man to buy a woman a gift. Him: Flowers and chocolate. Me: Be less original. Him: Just flowers. Me: Dude, where’s the...

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The Beauty Edit: Time to Relax

Candle, Byredo; Bath Soak, Herbivore; Body Scrub, African Botanics; Palo Santo, Incausa; Eye...

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The Beauty Edit: Gifted

Face roller, Angela Caglia; Face Masks Pack, Peach & Lily; Eye Mask, Slip; Candle, Byredo;...

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The Beauty Edit: Travel Essentials

Sleep Drops, The Nue Co.; Brush and Comb, Yves Durif; Dry Shampoo, Klorane; Sheet Masks, Joanna...

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The Beauty Edit: Nourishment

Hair mask, Oribe; Candle, Byredo; Sleep Food, Dr. Barbara Sturm; Prebiotic & Probiotic, The Nue...

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The Beauty Edit: Travel Essentials

Beauty products for an August getaway. Travel Set, Verso; Face Mist, Herbivore Botanicals,...

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Byredo Candle Atelier Dore

Byredo Candle

My boyfriend, Tyler, and I share three hundred and fifty square feet of living space with our dog,...

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Byredo Hand Scrub

Byredo Hand Scrub

I’ve always had an obsession with hand scrubs and body scrubs, but never actually owned my own...

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Springing Forward

This subtle Tibi jumpsuit makes transitioning the winter corset trend into spring a no-brainer!...

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beauty minute morgane sezalory garance dore photo

A Beauty Minute with Morgane Sezalory

Morning: I don’t really know how to do my makeup and I prefer to look natural so there are...

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gloves winter garance dore illustation

Where is the Glove?

I’m really bad about wearing gloves during the winter, which is silly because I have the...

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carry on travel beauty products garance dore photos

Carry On

I am the worst packer ever, no doubt about it. I’m one of those who packs basically...

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byredo parfum cheveux hair perfume beauty garance dore photos

Parfum Pour Cheveux

Long hair, don’t care. Ok, so that might be true for some things, but one thing that’s...

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shopping cart garance dore

The Fling

Looking forward to a little getaway after Fashion Month, okay and a little bit of sunshine too....

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michelle harper garance dore

A Beauty Minute with Michelle Harper

Morning: The most important things for beauty, aside from products is your hapiness because that is...

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Travel Beauty Garance Dore

Travel Beauty

So, I packed light for my trip… but I still managed to fit all of my favorite summer products!...

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Saint Valentine and snowstorm Pax have me wanting to wear red and stay warm.

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Garance Dore Gift Guide Photo


Here is the first part of our holiday wish list! Happy shopping :)

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