dore style story anna polonsky rockaway beach

Style Story / Anna Polonsky

Anna Polonsky is a woman who has been on our radar for a while. She has her hand in a bunch of different creative projects and communities across New York. It’s impossible not to take...

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dore studio visit catbird brooklyn

Studio Visit / Catbird

If you’ve ever stepped foot in the borough of Brooklyn, you have probably admired some...

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A Street Style with Valentina, Sabina & Denitsa

A Street Style with Valentina, Sabina & Denitsa

I’ve been obsessed with By Far shoes since the very beginning. They make the perfect, minimalist,...

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dore Style Story Cecilia Bordarampé Are Studio

Style Story / Cecilia Bordarampé

Los Angeles based Cecilia Bordarampé founded Are Studio in 2012 as a leather bag company that...

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dore street style nasrin jean-baptiste

A Street Style with Nasrin Jean-Baptiste

Nasrin Jean-Baptiste is a stylist and the founder of our favorite new handbag line, Petit Kouraj. A...

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dore three looks with behida dolic hudson upstate new york style story

Three Looks with Behida Dolic

Behida, Behida, Behida… where do I even begin? This woman is a dream. A goddess. A warrior. She is...

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Studio Visit / Tibi

Studio Visit / Tibi

Tibi is a brand that successfully marries the functional with the creative. Their clothes are quite...

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atelier dore studio visit foundrae and bode cfda emerging designer nominees

Studio Visit / Foundrae + Bode

At the studio, we love to support emerging designers. Amid the commercialism and monotony that seem...

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atelier dore studio visit maria cornejo

Studio Visit / Maria Cornejo

Maria Cornejo walks the walk. Since the late 90s when she opened her Nolita atelier, she has...

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atelier dore style story lauren lorod

Studio Visit / Lorod

The “about” section on LOROD’s website says the following: “LOROD creates modular,...

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