Vivre Libre

Vivre Libre

I’m single, and… · It’s scary. At first, when you’ve never been single before, it’s scary. You feel kind of empty. Then, little by little, you discover peace. You’re still a bit...

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Garance Dore Illustration

Être Nouvelle

I’m calling on all my courage to share a few simple ideas with you that I have at the moment. Some...

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atelier dore garance dore the day i lost my sense of humor

The Day I Lost My Sense of Humor

I’m sure you’re familiar with the situation – that moment when a comic starts to have some...

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I’m Not Your Cool Girl

I’m Not Your Cool Girl

Being single when you’ve never been before, is absolutely marvelous. Being single at my age –...

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The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter

A few weeks ago, Chris and I separated. I’m not going to tell you about all the reasons, since...

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Aha Moments

Aha Moments

Those big moments of Truth (Truth with a capital T) don’t only happen at the top of Mount...

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the mirrors atelier dore

The Great Mirrors

OK, so I have psychics, healers and astrologists. Calm down, it’s fine. I live in Los Angeles and...

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Garance Dore Atelier Dore

The Bad Outfit

My sisters, I was about to write you a post about feminism just now. I was flying through it, my...

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period atelier dore

My Dear Period

My Dear Period, I don’t think we’ve ever been formally introduced, you and me. One day, you...

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Garance Dore Atelier Dore

The Party

When I decided to leave my New York life behind, I knew more or less what I was losing: a...

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health nut garance dore

Health Nut

Have I become an annoying health nut without realizing it? The annoying health nut sometimes forgets...

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go to the spa

Go to the Spa

Yesterday, while everyone was at the fashion shows, I decided to go to the Korean spa with my friend...

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the healing waters of hawaii

The Healing Waters of Hawaii

Where did my summer go? No idea. I’m writing to you from my studio in LA, and this is my first...

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news garance dore photo


I wanted to write you a hilarious post about summer Instagram use (I swear, it would have been so...

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bye bye heels garance dore illustration

Bye Bye Heels

Yesterday, I was in my walk-in closet trying to imagine its future. I’ve never had a closet...

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domestic bliss illustration garance dore atelier dore

Domestic Bliss

I’ve always had a kind of boyish side when it comes to household chores. You know, I’m the...

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la maison garance dore illustration atelier dore

La Maison

Last week, we moved into our house. Our very own home, with a big kitchen, plenty of space, a little...

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would you illustration garance dore

Would You?

If you could change your face or your body and become perfectly beautiful, and you were young enough...

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