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A New Page

One of my greatest joys in life is watching the people I love grow into themselves. But while we can be so attuned to the people around us, and cheer them on as they mature, noticing the...

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Bad Behavior

Confession: I do not wash my face before I go to bed. Never have. IknowIknowIknowIknow. Washing your...

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Clare and I on our way to the CFDA

Last Monday, I attended the CFDA ceremony with Clare Vivier. We’ve told you about Clare’s work...

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I loved Lisa’s outfit so much, I’m thinking of finding my own version this...

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J’adore doré! Yes, the color – in just about any form. (And, as it’s...

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Gift Guide / Day 8

Gold Hand Mirror, Alexis Bittar

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Saint Laurent Bracelet

The Saint Laurent Bracelet

It was time for me to invest in timeless jewelry….

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