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Faris Earrings

My dream in life is to have as many earrings as Esmerelda. I want a ladder of gold hoops climbing up my ears. Instead, anytime I try to pierce my ears (with gun / needle / gold / stainless,...

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Put an Earring On It

Even though it feels like an eternity ago (thanks to a busy work schedule and a shooting trip out to...

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Market Crush: SVNR Earrings

Market Crush: SVNR Earrings

Ever since I peeped these SVNR earrings on Instagram, I’ve had a crush. Typically, I’m more of a...

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Pamela Love Persephone Earrings

I give you the fruits of my labor. Sound the heavenly horns and build me a pedestal fit for the...

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The Beauty of Asymmetry

The Beauty of Asymmetry

Adorning oneself in beautiful jewelry will never get old, but the way in which we do so is...

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