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Friends on Screen

Cher and Dionne. The ultimate, iconic high school besties. I don’t think there’s a movie friendship that rivals the one they share–it’s even what inspired this editorial!

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August Haze

August Haze

Here are a few of our favorite things: A dip in the pool. Bare feet in the grass. Sun on our...

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How to / Collect Antique Jewelry

The thing that fascinates me most about clothing is its ability to tell a story. Items hold history...

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The Tomboy

The Tomboy

My mom told me a story recently about myself when I was a little kid. For a while, I was really into...

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Burning Down the House

Time keeps moving on, but we don’t seem to ever fully move on with it. See, I was nowhere near the...

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Tie-Dye: What’s Old is New Again… and Again

Tie-Dye: What’s Old is New Again… and Again

In the spirit of “growing up,” we tasked Christina with taking a favorite clothing item...

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About a Horse

Felicity is a long-time friend of the site (Garance originally featured her six years ago!), and we...

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The fashion story I wanted to share with you for January, as it turns out, is not really a fashion...

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