Kenzo Beauty Photo

The Look at Kenzo

The inspiration behind the look at Kenzo: Stanley Kubrick meets India. So how exactly does that translate to beauty?

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Janice Alida Dior Photo

Janice, Backstage at Dior

The look at Dior was sophisticated yet light and luminous. I hung out with Pat McGrath (genius...

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Ruby Jean Wilson Marc Jacobs Photo

The Look at Marc Jacobs

When Joan Jett & Marianne Faithfull unite…

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Garance Dore Photo

Seeking the Perfect Eyeshadow

So, the thing is, I still do my eye make up like a teenager – I grab any black khol, trace a...

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Blue Mascara Photo

Electric Lashes

Ever since Pat McGrath sent models down the runway with electric blue lashes for Stella...

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Michele Ouellet Photo

The French

Yesterday my friend Michele came by the Studio to say hello, and it gave Alex and I a sudden burst...

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Dolce Gabbana Mascara Photo

Dolce & Gabbana Mascara

Here’s my favorite! I like it thick!

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Mascara Illustration

The Brush

Here you have an overview of my mascaras. I loooooove mascara. It’s beautiful…

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Leila Bekhti Photo


I love Leïla Bekhti, even though I met her for only a couple of minutes in Cannes. So, why ?...

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Liu Wen Cat Eye Photo

Cat Eye

First of all, Liu Wen is one of my favorite models right now. She’s always got a smile on her face...

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Make Up Illustration Image

Just A Question…How to Take It Off?

I love to put make up on my eyes. A little bit of concealer, a little bit of eye shadow and a lot of...

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Marni Photo

Cool Makeup at Marni

I like this a lot, this whole eyeliner swoosh in colors that are so surprising yet subtle at the...

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Eye Lashes Photo

Yeux de Biche

Here you go: three of my friends I just saw with the most incredibly long shiny eyelashes I’ve...

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Tamiko Photo

Tamiko’s Eyes

So, can you guess what I am going to talk about ?

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Woooooooo welcome to my new siteeeeeeeee yeaaaaaaaah! So here’s the result of of a few months...

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