atelier dore Sandra Kadenbach roots growing up in east germany

Roots: Growing Up in East Germany

Some months ago I went to Chile. I was on the retreat that Garance and her amazing team organized for the Art of Self Discovery. For me, it turned out to be a look into the past. To my...

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atelier dore braided a visual journey hair stories

Braided: A Visual Journey

As I wrote this piece, I desperately tried to recall the first time I saw myself with braids. It’s...

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atelier dore bath rituals self-care escape bathing

The Escape of a Bath

You might remember the delightful Allison Baar from her poetry piece here. Well, we brought her back...

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100 Years of Women in Levi’s

100 Years of Women in Levi’s

This week, Levi’s is celebrating 100 years since the release of Freedom-Alls, their first-ever...

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Family Heirlooms

Family Heirlooms

So much of life seems so disposable these days, from take-out containers to the constant stream of...

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