Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier Makeup Brush Photo

Brush Crush

What’s in your makeup bag? Mine is full of brushes. I use them for everything. For my eye shadow, my powder (hate putting powder with anything else than a brush!), my other powder...

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Kate Foley Photo

A beauty minute with Kate

“Morning: I wash my face with Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser and then I put By Terry rose...

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Michele Ouellet Photo

A Beauty Minute with Michele

“Morning: I use my Clarisonic with Pavonia RS2 face wash, it’s for really sensitive...

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Lany Chuan Tian Photo

A Beauty Minute with Lany

“Morning: I put on HydraFlore Rose Musquee Elixir. It’s a wild rose cream for my face....

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Foundation Photo

The Great Foundation Debate

We tried them all!!! The other day, we asked you to give us your favorite foundations and promised...

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