Laura Vidrequin

À la Française

À la Française

One of the only things that is a little sad about moving to the end of the world (well, almost) is that we start to miss our girlfriends! We miss them, their sense of humor, their sense of...

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marie sixtine apartment garance dore photo

Marie Sixtine

It’s funny, when you travel all the time, all you want to do is find places that feel like...

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garance dore textonalities phone communication text illustration


It’s funny to think about how much our personalities come through in modern communication.   Take...

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laura vidrequin beauty minute garance dore photos

A Beauty Minute with Laura Vidrequin

Morning: When I wake up, I text with my friends and family in Europe. They make me smile and laugh,...

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brianna lance perfect summer look garance dore photos

The Summer Look

It’s Memorial Day! A day in America where we take a moment to remember those who have served...

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40th birthday party polaroids garance dore photos


I always told myself I would throw a party for my 40th birthday. Usually I’m pretty discreet...

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Bracelet Photo


I really love personal jewelry, the kind that has been passed down in a family and has a story. The...

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Laura on her way to work

Laura on her way to work

I love heading to the studio in the morning. I walk, put my earphones on and listen to a podcast (do...

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