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Aker Fassi Lip Stain

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with lip and cheek stains for a natural flush. Glossier’s Cloud...

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Lip Service

Lips don’t like winter. The wind! The chill! It’s that time of year when, suddenly, a...

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Bordeaux Lipstick

The Bordeaux Lip

When I told Garance I wanted to talk about the deep, berry lips we had seen on the fall runway, I...

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Revlon Kissable Photo

Drugstore Score!

My list of favorite drugstore beauty finds is about a mile long. The most recent addition:...

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Janice Alida Dior Photo

Janice, Backstage at Dior

The look at Dior was sophisticated yet light and luminous. I hung out with Pat McGrath (genius...

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3.1 Phillip Lim Beauty Photo

The Lips at Phillip Lim

The lips at the Phillip Lim show included one very interesting element: eyeliner.

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Dries van Noten Beauty Photo

Beauty at Dries Van Noten

Yesterday, at Dries… I love the grunge spirit hair and make up. So, ready to let your roots...

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Solange Knowles Photo


When someone told me that Solange Knowles was going to be the DJ for our party tonight at Tiffany, I...

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Elisa Nalin Photo

My Essentials / Elisa

There are certain women you see all the time on my blog, and that’s just simply because they...

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Pink Lipstick Street Style Photo

Detail / Pink

I don’t know why but I’m super into pink right now. I changed my Google Chrome theme...

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Unpublished / Caroline

It’s the holidays !!!  And for the holidays, I’ve put together a little selection of...

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Jazzmine Berger Photo


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It used to amuse me when I saw it from afar and on other people I didn’t know personally and...

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