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Rauschenberg x West Elm

West Elm is making it possible to have a little piece of art history in your home. They just launched a collection featuring the works of one of the most important 20th century American...

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Brighten My Day!

As winter’s gloomy tones become apparent, the simple pleasure of visiting museums and...

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Art We Heart

Fall is here, and that’s our favorite season to rediscover everything we love about New York...

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See Saw

Here at the Studio, we’re all big fans of art — and New York has so many great galleries!...

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The Del Val #58

The Del Val #58

Redheads unite! You have your own magazine and there is a new issue. If you know Fran Lebowitz, you...

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Bjork Is Back!

Finally! The queen of avant-pop is back!

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Matisse Cut Out Issa

Matisse’s Cutouts

In honor of the new “Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs” exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art,...

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The Del Val #19

The Del Val #19

We particularly go for the cute plush Sharpies, but you’re sure to see something you like as well.

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Sigmar Polke Retrospective


Ok, I didn’t know who Sigmar Polke was before I saw his work on Instagram…

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