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Lift Up

When I was a kid, I did gymnastics for years. (Not many people know that!) And now, every Olympics, it’s one of the events that I always tune into… It’s so beautiful the way...

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the gaze nowness video garance dore

The Gaze

Even if you’re not into someone, it’s ok to check them out.  Seriously, no ones’s...

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rose uniacke interiors video nowness garance dore

In Residence

London has so many beautiful, old homes. There is a lot of unique, historic grandeur that you can...

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tadao ando nowness architecture garance dore video

Tadao Ando

Creation is fighting. That’s the philosophy of Tadao Ando, one of the world’s leading...

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cat and mouse nowness video garance dore

Cat & Mouse

This is such a vibrant take on ballet. We’re all kind of in love with this video, and have had...

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peter lindbergh sasha pivarova the heist garance dore videos photos

The Lindbergh Heist

Peter Lindbergh has never followed trends, or given people what they expect. He’s always...

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Love Letter

I still have the first love letter that was ever written to me. We were five and it was from a boy...

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my first apartamento garance dore photos

My First Apartamento

Remember Ramdane and Victoire’s apartment in Paris? It’s so unique and beautiful – we...

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Haut Vol

We can’t stop (and won’t stop!) watching this short film from Nowness.

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The Love Boat

The Love Boat

No, I didn’t spend my time in Venice on boats drinking champagne with celebrities. This little...

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