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celine boot garance dore photo

Cool to be Square

Honest opinion requested : how do you feel about my new boots?

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garance dore photo babushka slipper

Babouche Babouche

Have you noticed? The babouche is back in a big way.

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daryl k madewell garance dore photo

The Little White Dress

Dresses are harrrd for me to find. And I don’t mean that I never see them in stores or online....

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ysl saint laurent black suede heels shoes garance dore photo

My Vintage YSLs

Remember my resolution this year, to not buy any new clothes? So, we’re almost a month deep...

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garance dore shoulders sideways lemaire scarf

Shoulders Sideways

An update to the uber preppy sweater around your shoulders comes by way of Lemaire. Asymmetrical and...

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the line turtleneck sweater garance dore photos

Soft Touch

Ever since I felt the tiniest hint of a fall breeze, my sweater obsession has gone into...

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ever lane black and white flats shoes studio finds garance dore photos

The Blk/Wht Flat

A classic most definitely, and at a price point that’s just right. It isn’t the first...

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everlane sweater photo garance dore

Just In Time

A cozy sweater for winter.

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Doc Martens Garance Dore Photos

The Lace Ups

My new Doc Martens lace up!

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Boys Side

Boys Side

I’m the first one to tell you to buy vintage.

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