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Pretties / 90s Basics

Pretties / 90s Basics

Lately I’ve been feeling like 90s inspired pieces have become a staple for my summer wardrobe. I’ve been wearing slip dresses, minimalist “naked sandals,” and of...

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dore what a fashion editor buys for herself christina holevas

What a Fashion Editor Buys for Herself

When Veronica wrote about the beauty products she actually buys for herself, it gave me the idea to...

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atelier dore gee gee ferguson street style australia

A Street Style With Gee Gee Ferguson

Gee Gee Ferguson has one of those looks that is immediately striking. In the best way. I mean, that...

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clémence poésy pablo tee-shirt garance dore photos

Message From Clémence

I have a weakness for tee-shirts with messages on them.

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Dior Tee Shirt Earrings

Tee Shirt Earrings

Ah the Dior earring…

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