a day without a woman

A Day Without a Woman

A woman’s presence isn’t just felt, it is irreplaceable. In January, we stood together in an inspiring show of unity, in defense of women’s rights and human rights. Today, on...

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jemima kirke words of a woman

Jemima Kirke

I used to think freedom was not being attached to anything. I’ve been working on redefining...

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Nasty Women

Nasty Women

Gearing up for the Women’s March in DC this weekend! Nothing like an anthem to get you in the...

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The Power Suit

The Power Suit

The pant suit. The epitome of female empowerment (something like that, right?), but is that the only...

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females in film mini garance dore photo

Females in Film

Feminism, feminism, what DOES it mean?

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free the nipple garance dore illustration

Free the Nipple

The other day, Chris picked up some kind of weird, slightly slimy, flesh-colored thing off the...

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women in clothes garance dore photos

Women In Clothes

Ever wondered what a discussion on style between hundreds of women would be like?

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off our chest boobs lingerie garance dore photos

Off Our Chest

Let’s talk about boobs. Women are defined by countless attributes but, when it comes to the...

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From the Front Row… <BR><em>Louis Vuitton</em>

From the Front Row…
Louis Vuitton

So, what do you think of the new Vuitton woman ?

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