11:11 Eau De Parfum

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11:11 Eau De Parfum

At the beginning of November I met with Courtney Somer, founder of Lake & Skye. I was immediately drawn to one fragrance from her line due to the name alone, 11:11.

For about a decade of my life I saw 11:11 on the clock everyday, no matter what. At first, it creeped me the hell out. But then, I just accepted it and came all the way around to actually enjoy and be comforted by it. (And of course, as soon as I was comforted by it, it disappeared all-together from my life. I’m sure there’s a metaphor or lesson in there somewhere, but too much for me to decode right now.)

Anyway, it didn’t surprise me in the slightest when I fell in love with smell of 11:11. It’s a unisex blend that has a bold yet comforting scent. I’ve been spritzing it in my hair (that’s where I put all my perfumes because if I don’t they only stay with me for an hour tops), and loving it.

Just a little PSA if you need a last minute gift for a man or a woman — or you can slyly buy it for someone and then steal spritzes from time to time.

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  • So I’m not the only one who sees synchronized times every day. For years I went to the bedroom almost every day at 22:22 pm, even when I tried to avoid that time. This does’t happen that often anymore, but now I have days in a row that I have 13:13 – 15:15 – 17:17 ect. It is the most weird thing. @fabiduister

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