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A Day in the Life

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A Day in the Life

Take a peak into a day in the life of Sarah Fischer, DORÉ’s Social Media Manager…

7:30AM: Time to wake up.. I usually snooze at least three times before finally getting up. When I am finally awake, I make myself coffee and drink it in bed while watching TV (this may be a bad habit I’ve gotten myself into, but it’s really relaxing). But, drinking coffee in bed may lead to you spilling it on your bed once in awhile so you’ve been warned…

8:30AM: I’m usually a little late heading into the office (sorry guys!), so I always have to do a little speed walk action — which is when my Louise et Cie Lanton loafers come in handy — I know I just had coffee but I always stop at my favorite coffee place on Bowery to get another coffee, iced this time! It’s only $2.50 and she usually has my coffee ready for me before I even get there. :) Today, I wore a blouse and jeans, keeping the focus on my shoes, I love a little heel for the day so you feel dressed up and presentable, but can still run around the city all day and feel ready for every appointment.


9:00AM: Okay, I’m supposed to be there at 9:00. But let’s say I consider getting there before 9:10 a success. Once I’m settled, I start reading emails while sipping my second coffee and catching up with everyone at the office (even though I just saw them yesterday). We’re a chatty group. From there, I work on upcoming social franchises, setting up social-only shoots and checking on our social analytics — which is weirdly something I love doing. I love seeing our engagement and numbers go up! A real nerd over here!

11:59AM: Starving!! I try to wait till at least noon for lunch, but it rarely happens.


12:04PM: I decide I’ve waited long enough and walk to pick up lunch. Which is something I’ve been debating with everyone else at the office for the past hour. Chop’t? Cava? Whole Foods? (Maybe that’s why I’m always so hungry by noon, because we start talking about lunch around 11am.)

3:00PM: I head from our office on Bowery to a studio tour shoot for our social channel. If you follow us on social (@DORE if you don’t! And if you don’t, I don’t know what you’re waiting for!! DO IT!) you know we like to take you behind the scenes of different types of creatives and give you an inside look at their studios and creative processes.

When the brand is based in NYC, I always like to head to their studio myself to shoot the assets and get a feel for the space so I know how to translate it onto our social channel.

6:00PM: September is one of the best months in New York, it’s still warm but cool enough to sit outside and not sweat tooooo much. I quickly change into a skirt and Louise et Cie Waldron boots because Christina and I are going to an event after work… but before that… since we have a little time to kill and again, trying to enjoy the nice weather, we head for drinks outside. Wine, being outside, and good company are always good things.


8:00PM: The event is full of fashion industry people and I’m super thankful I have my chic boots on while mingling and capturing shots for our social channel.

9:00PM: The weather is still nice enough, so I decide to walk home and listen to a podcast.

10:00PM: Back in bed. With a book this time. Good night!!

Louise et Cie

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  • Chic shoes! I hadn’t heard of this brand before but I will def try them on soon now!

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira September, 13 2019, 6:57 / Reply

    Love these «Day in the Life » articles !!!
    And yeah …You look Absolutely Amazing in both looks!!! I swear !!! Killer Loafers, Killer boots and despiste not seeing you standing, i can tell that you rock that cherry *skirt !!!

    Bom fim de semana !!!

    (* muito gira !)

  • I love the types of articles too, and you look great Sarah!

  • Dini Hairuddin September, 18 2019, 11:37 / Reply

    V interesting read! A la chic :)

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