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A Painting Party with Tanya Taylor!

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A Painting Party with Tanya Taylor!

A few Thursdays ago, we were blessed with the magic that is Tanya Taylor and her passion for sharing her first love: painting!

For a few hours on that sunny afternoon, she and her team descended on the studio with paints, brushes, palettes, canvases, and all the cutest artist accoutrements. We sat around the table, brushes poised for action as Tanya guided us through a series of exercises.

Her first prompts began with lighter fare like, “paint the color of your first kiss” and “paint the color of your favorite season.” From there, the prompts got progressively deeper and more nuanced: “paint the color of the emotion you felt when you first moved to NYC,” “paint the color of someone you love,” “paint the color of sex, “paint the color of death.”


Ultimately, our canvases wound up with a hodgepodge of colors, shapes, splatters–abstract masterpieces that (if you look very carefully and think very creatively, haha) tell each of our stories.

It was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our own personal experiences, share them with each other, and have some fun while getting our creative juices flowing. A perfect finale to a wonderful month of creativity at the Atelier! Thank you so much, Tanya & team!

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  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira April, 30 2019, 2:46 / Reply

    Now…remember the Pocket PMF episode about creativity under influence ? Who Knows if ,after
    one or Two glasses of wine, couldn’t we find here the next Rothko? Just Kidding !!!
    Looks like you , girls had a brilliant afternoon , i’ll bet !!!

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