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A Personal Chapter

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A Personal Chapter

I wasn’t always so good at journaling.

In fact there are many a half full journals in my desk drawers. But somewhere around the age of 13 I gained a huge fear of losing my memory and have been writing furiously ever since. Now I’ve finished eight journals and as I look at them lined up on my bookshelf I feel like I’m looking at chapters if my life. Believe me nothing is stranger than reading about who your middle school self had a major crush on.

But now I’m noticing the different ways that the people around me document what happens to them and the many ways journaling can be approached. I think it’s fascinating to look at a person’s journal, it’s like looking into the inner workings of their mind. While I prefer to write in prose about day to day events spliced in with silly moments or taped in post cards of inspiration, one of my friends keeps his in his back pocket so he can jot things down on the go. Another friend prefers to illustrate her thoughts in between her words.

I find journaling to not only be a personal indulgence but also a great break during the day. Do any of you journal regularly? If so in what ways do you find yourself expressing yourself?


– By Nicole, Intern at the Studio

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  • I’m terrible at keeping journals going. I find I can start them..then I get fed up or maybe I think my writing looks scruffy or I didn’t like the pen colour I used or something equally silly and then I buy another book to start again and then I just repeat the pattern!!


  • i have been keeping a journal ever since i was maybe 14 so i have a lot of material. sometimes, i read about thing i no longer remember (details ofc). it’s a little weird to have a memory outside your brain! :)


  • I used to write a journal long time ago. But somehow I was always scared that somebody will find it and read it and I was never really honest in my journal. So I stopped writing it.

    I think that writing a diary is a really good habit. It’s like talking to somebody and expressing your thoughts. Like therapy.

    I now have my blog and it’s also some kind of diary of what I do and see and think.


  • Margot April, 6 2016, 2:15 / Reply

    I just got inspired to start! Thank you! I have journaled during long trips; also after a public speaking event or facilitating a training, which always leaves me somewhat worried, nervous and doubting if it went well or not, so in this case writing it out is my method of choice for soothing my mind. However, now that I think of it, those are not the only times I feel worried or anxious and should actually just write it out.

    Also, I do love a good notebook. If I get the wrong one, it won’t work out, so a Moleskine will do.

  • I’ve been journaling since childhood. It’s interesting so many years later to read what was going through your fifteen year old mind. And to see in which ways one has changed or not! My favorite journals are the ones I wrote on vacations in different countries and they include collages with ticket stubs, postcards etc. Reading them is such a nice way to relive a trip. I also draw , make lists and write goals in my journals. For me it’s really fun and I can’t imagine not doing it.

  • It’s such a lovely idea but I always forget to keep them too. That’s why I like having my blog because any big life events will be sure to make it there! x


  • Nicole April, 6 2016, 3:36 / Reply

    Keeping a gratitude journal is life changing. I’m not consistent with it, but miracles abound when I remember this simple practice.

  • I’ve been consistently journaling ever since I graduated design school and moved to NYC. My main motivation for doing this was that my grandma would pull out her journals from 1947 and beyond to share a life’s struggle in moments or insightful moments in nature alone on the farm. These insights made me realize that there are patterns to life and things can work out beyond expectation. Journaling helps me discover where I want to go and that everything has difficulty and joy. It’s important to honor those quiet reflective moments and to record how you succeeded in dark ones.

  • Je suis exactement comme toi. J’ai pleins de journaux commencés et non finis. Parfois quand je les relis, ça me fait sourire (et un peu honte ahah). Là j’en ai un tout beau, un Moleskine en cuir noir que j’ai personnalisé avec des stickers. Je me rends compte que je m’en sers comme d’un confident. Lorsque je suis soucieuse ou que quelque chose me pèse sur le coeur, bien sûr, j’en parle à mes amis, mais apparemment rien ne vaut mon journal intime ! Une fois que j’écris ce qui me dérange ou mes aspirations, pouf tout d’un coup je me sens soulagée/revigorée ! Ca n’a pas toujours été le cas. Avant je le tenais vraiment de façon journalière, maintenant c’est plus ponctuel. C’est un peu ma façon de me guider de savoir où j’en suis avec moi-même.


  • Great post! :)


  • I’ve always admired those who write journals or illustrates their thoughts – great post


  • I was thinking about what journalizing means nowadays? like Is my phone Notes are my daily to go journals that sometimes I like to speak about more on my blog, I realized that it’s the truth when I wrote a blog post called; Inside a Brain of a 20 Something Girl… It’s just like the new diary for me even if my blog doesn’t aim for that but I just felt like it!


  • There was a period of my life where I was very into journal….and I miss it. I used to get lost in my journal, pouring my heart and soul into those pages and through journaling I often made peace with certain things and had several ‘aha’ moments. In a way, journaling is really like self-therapy.

    xoxo – Kelly

  • I’ve been writing in journals since the third grade, and my goodness is it crazy to look back at all of my journals and see how I’ve grown! I love being able to look back at how I was feeling at certain points in my life, I honestly think I’ll always journal. I write about my feelings most of the time, and try to get out thoughts I can’t always put into words or express to others. Love this post so much, it really made me think back through my years of journaling!


  • Marianne April, 7 2016, 5:24 / Reply

    J’adore les carnets ! J’en ai plein, même si on ne peux pas parler de journal intime.
    J’ai même des carnets qui surement resterons vides parce qu’il sont trop beaux (certains sont encore sous plastique). J’ai commencé une petite collection (j’adore les collections).
    Au début c’était des carnets de dessin (pendant mes études d’art), j’ai aussi des carnet de voyage (je raconte mes journées, je peux y ajouter des dessins ou des prospectus, des tickets…), des minis carnets dont toujours un qui est dans mon sac comme ça si je veux noter une adresse, une référence au musée ou une horaire de train, j’ai toujours de quoi noter sous la main !
    J’ai deux belles boites qui les réunis tous (une pour les carnets vierges et une autres pour ceux qui sont remplis) et des fois j’en prends un pour le relire ou me remémorer une adresse.
    Et le dernier en date c’est un carnet où j’écris mes rêves. Je me rappelle souvent de mes rêves et les plus farfelus je les écris. Je ne sais pas si ça continuera longtemps mais je fais un test.

    Bonne journée à tout le studio !
    Ps : bienvenue Nicole !

  • Alors moi j’écris un journal pour chaque étape importante dans ma vie. J’en ai crée un pour mon mariage. J’y ai mis toutes les idées qui me passaient par la tête, photos, petites notes, dessins, etc.
    J’en ai refait un pour ma grossesse jusqu’à l’accouchement… et un autre maintenant que nous construisons une maison. Tous ces projets de vie sont des aventures que j’avais envie de garder par écrit….

  • I love journalling. It is a hugely important way that I make sense of my day to day life. Writing things down helps me to see connections and process my feelings. I’ve found that having a really beautiful journal that I love is the key to keeping me in the habit. I discovered jenniebick a few years ago, and have been writing non-stop ever since!

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