A Very Murray Christmas

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A Very Murray Christmas

Who better suited to create an homage to the variety show than Bill Murray with a side of Sofia Coppola? I was recently asked if I had watched one of the originals in the varietal category, The Carroll Burnette Show , and I could only sullenly reply, no… but I feel like I should! And added it to my “must-see” classics list.

But this new TV show special , brought to you by Netflix, stars Murray worrying about his TV show and how it might be ruined due to a snowstorm. Leave it to his sort of well-known cast (George Clooney, Miley Cyrus, Chris Rock, Rashida Jones to name a few…) to help him get through it with a little song and dance along the way (I also unabashadly love musicals…). What could bring the holiday spirit more than Miley on a piano singing ‘Silent Night’? Oh, and it’s all filmed at the Carlyle, a real New York legacy for cozy luxury… because those two things should always go together!

I personally can’t wait , you can only watch A Christmas Story so many times ! It airs December 4, who’s ready?


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  • Brie- regarding Carol Burnett you should listen to her interview with Alec Baldwin on his Here’s The Thing podcast to get the background on her show and just how groundbreaking it was for her to have it and have the creative control that she did at that time. You are in for a real treat if you have never seen the show. http://www.wnyc.org/story/htt-carol-burnett/
    The same goes for Lucille Ball. They were both groundbreaking women in comedy with Ball leading the way. Ball insisted that her husband Desi Arnez be brought in for her show I Love Lucy and she was the first woman to own her own production company. She and her husband ran Desilu Productions for years until she bought out his share and ran it herself for a while before selling it. Modern women in comedy owe a great debt to them both. Genius comedic chops coupled with incredible professional savvy and hard work made them the icons that they are today.

    Speaking of comedic genius I LOVE Bill Murray and cannot wait to check this out.

  • ton article m’a donné vraiment envie de le voir, je viens de le voir et… je me suis vraiment ennuyée. J’ai zappé tous les passages chantés qui m’ennuyaient profondément, et en fait il n’est presque rien resté. Je n’avais pas compris quel serait le format de ce film car je n’ai pas la culture américaine, et je n’ai malheureusement pas été touchée. Mais quel casting !

  • Je suis d’accord avec toi…Le casting est incroyable mais le reste buff…je ne suis pas américaine, peut-être il faut l’être pour aimer l’émission. :)

  • I still watch Scrooged.

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