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Aether Beauty

If you would’ve told me 5 years ago all of the gritty details about how incredibly wasteful and non-sustainable the beauty industry is, I probably would’ve let out a chuckle and forgotten all about it 5 minutes later. Words like sustainability or zero waste meant nothing to me around that time but today, in the here and now, I understand just how important it is to have the conversation, especially within the beauty industry and how big of an impact it has on our environment. Everything from how it’s created, to the packaging and even the ingredients and the chemicals that are used.

Tiila Abbitt learned all about this during her time as product developer for Sephora’s in-house collection. She discovered something quite monumental that even I didn’t know about until today! In the United States, there’s only 11 banned chemicals in color cosmetics, whereas in Europe, there are 1,300. ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED! That’s an insane difference and it pretty much makes me question exactly what I’m putting on my face on a daily basis.

So Abbitt decided to take matters into her own hands and created Aether Beauty, a sustainable beauty line that doesn’t compromise on your favorite things about beauty. Usually, when we think about brands that are sustainable, organic, natural, recyclable… we think that the only products they’ll offer are the ones that’ll provide you with a natural look. This means no bold colors, no glitters, no shimmers, in other words, no fun. With Aether Beauty, you can expect all of that fun stuff and more.

In celebration of yesterday’s Earth Day, they’ve released a brand new eyeshadow palette. This one is called Summer Solstice and she is a STUNNER. You get everything you need in an eyeshadow palette: warm shades that work perfectly for daytime, some cooler tones that help bring dimension to the eyes and your essential darker shades to transition any look into night time.

A mix of mattes, shimmers, satins and even metallics, these shadows are formulated with crystal charged pigments like amber, ruby and topaz. This helps to give your eyes a super light reflective look, which actually makes you look more awake. Who doesn’t want that!? You can find more goodness in the eyeshadow formula like organic coconut oil, organic shea butter and prickly pear oil for easy and swift application. They feel creamy and delightful. Another plus: these ingredients help to keep the skin around the eyes moisturized.

The details on the packaging are amazing, especially knowing it’s sustainable, fully recyclable and zero waste, which just so happens to be the first in the industry. All of the applause to Aether for that!


If you’re interested in having a crystal-infused eye shadow palette on your vanity (you know I’m going to be all over this) and helping the planet at the same time, you can order yours here AND it’ll be available in Sephora starting in May.

A portion of all sales will be donated to 1% for the Planet.


Written by Samaris Pagan

Photo by Adele Makulova


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