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Alexander Wang at Balenciaga

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And it’s official: Alexander Wang is headed to take over as creative director at Balenciaga! After weeks of rumors around who would replace Nicolas Ghesquiere, we’ve finally got the answer. Congrats Alex!!!

So what do you think? Does it come as a surprise? Are you excited?


Add yours
  • I think that he has the opportunity to grow into the role, but I’m not sure he’s the best choice.


  • I agree. It is entirely not clear that he will live up to the challenge. It remains to be seen. There’s always been something too commercial about A Wang’s collections, which I never warmed towards. Maybe working for Balenciaga will allow him to become more creative and broad minded, less sportswear-easy-selling kind of mentality, i.e. more EU than US :P ?

    I am still sad that Nicolas left. He is a genius.
    What are his plans? Does anyone know?! I.e. where will all of us who loved Balenciaga turn to from now on? For futuristic superawesomeness?


  • Big surprise indeed. I’m happy as lond as Wang never stops his one lines!

    The White Studio

  • i love his work: i think it’ll be a departure from the previous direction, but a great direction nonetheless! :)


  • il va devoir remplir de grosse chaussures.. (ca se dit?) Mais hate de voir le resulat!

  • J’adore Alexander Wang, ses créations me parlent, son énergie est super. Mais, je suis un peu déçue car j’ai pas l’impression que ça va être un changement “radical” plus en douceur car Alexander est dans la même vibe que Nicolas. Ce que j’aime dans les changements de designers à la tête d’une marque, c’est la différente vision qu’ils ont de celle-ci et là j’ai l’impression que ça va être un peu la même chose. Mais bon, attendons avant de critiquer, en tout cas j’ai hâte de voir le résultat.

  • J’aime beaucoup ses propres lignes, mais je ne sais pas s’il réussira à combiner le New York cool avec les coupes à la Balenciaga, vraiment avant-gardistes et beaucoup plus sophistiquées.

    Ceci dit, curieuse de suivre ça !

  • I think it’s exciting! Really looking forward to seeing what he does.


  • Hâte de voir ça ! :)

  • Je pense que c´est fantastique! Il y aura une bouffée d´air frais chez Balenciaga, mais à la même fois
    j´adore Ghesquiére!!!!

  • Ta photo tombe à pic !

    Je suis tentée d’utiliser une de mes références “de grands pouvoirs entraînent de grandes responsabilités”.
    Mais vu le brio avec lequel il réussit à mener Alexander Wang au Top, ça ne fait aucun doute Balenciaga gagnera en fraîcheur, en innovation…

    So good news

  • We are really surprised but we trust deeply in Alexander Wang!


  • Bon choix, je pense, même si j’aurai plutôt opté pour le duo Proenza. En tout cas lui et NG sont des designers bien ancrés dans leur temps et ça c’est Balenciaga !

  • Now that’s a spontaneous pic! J’adore.
    They say every change is good, so it’s a good change for Balenciaga.
    Love Alexander Wang style.

  • j’adore cette nouvelle! j’adore autant alexander wang que balanciaga, j’en ai parlé samedi sur mon blog en apprenant la nouvelle et en partageant avec mes amis les défilés, les photos, j’étais très impatiente de la suite hate de voir la fraicheur d’alexander wang !

  • Really really really disappointed. If you are really working in fashion then you know that AW is really good at being a business man and a self promoter. And he has been very lucky to have been under the protective wings of DVF and Anna Wintour among others in the industry, helping become this so called “superstar” that he is. He really do well standing out there and as for his clothes, really not original. I guess fashion is really dead, as we are only promoting commercialism in this world. What happened to creativity, originality and true talent? Why do we have to promote all these young rich boys to play dress up with dolls? Nicolas at Balenciaga made trends each season, with original ideas. Where will mr Wang now find his inspiration?

  • pros
    he is young
    he is chinese / asian
    he targets a larger audience

    he is copying nicolas
    he is not very imaginative
    he is too commercial focused

  • I’m more scared than excited. I feel that he’s not the best choice for the brand. If I were PPR, I would hire the Rodarte sisters for Balenciaga. But hey, maybe I’m wrong and I do hope that Wang prove me wrong.

    Alexander Wang at Balenciaga:

  • Nini Piccola December, 5 2012, 12:08

    The Rodarte sisters!!! Interesting idea!!!!

  • It wasn’t really a surprise after all tyne rumors but I am very curious about his first collection for Balenciaga! xx


  • Nicolas est quand mm vraiment au top quand meme… je pense qu’alexander wang manque d’experience et de connaissance de la coupe, mais il est tout de meme tres doué, on lui fait confiance! j’espere qu’il aura autant de liberte que nicolas, mais sans le copier en faite, je pense qu’il faut plutot partir sur autre chose, que le coté futuriste avec des matieres tres techniques comme faisait ghesquiere. Du coup ghesquiere fait sa marque avec lvmh?

  • Cet homme est si talentueux… Il le mérite amplement.

  • Elle est belle cette photo…..tiens, tu ne fais plus de publicité sur ton blog ! ….american apparel à disparu.

  • This is great! I’m really looking forward to his collections for Balenciaga. Can’t wait!

  • Although I liked the previous Balenciaga collections, I’m very curious what Alexander will do for the brand

    new outfit post

  • I am really curious!! I love both!

  • A bit skeptical, but we’ll see. I do wish him well.

  • Laissons-lui sa chance… mais c’est vrai coup de poker, et la tache va être rude.

    Un point où il sera facile de faire mieux : les parfums! Nicolas Ghesquière n’a eu de réelle vision avec Balenciaga EDP et Florabotanica, ni même de cohérence d’ailleurs.

    http://www.lecritiquedeparfum.com/ ?

  • Je pense que Wang était la meilleure personne à succéder à ghesquiere et j’ai bien hâte de voir la prochaine collection!

  • J’ai hâte de voir son travail :)


  • i love his designs…they fit me so well…so happy for him….interesting to see what unfold!!

  • This thrills me to no end! I love Alex (and I love Balenciaga), and I’m sure he’ll rise to the challenge!


  • Nicolas is a real artist, a visionary, a craftsman. Sure I love Alexander Wang but really he has just mastered this New York girl model off duty look over the years, a lot of which is based in design that was just copies of Balenciega. Now we can see Wang copy Wang copying Nicolas. He will need to evolve if it’s gonna work.

  • CHRISTINA December, 5 2012, 12:13 / Reply

    I am happy to say, I bought most of his FIRST collection—-fabulous SOFT cashmere years ago! I have followed his rise , but I think this appointment is too soon. He has no experience with a COUTURE collection, and although his designs become more and more INNOVATIVE, I would be saddened if he only had a short stay at Balenciaga because all this came too fast.
    I wish hm well and send many Blessings!!!

  • moi j’adore !! il va cartonner.
    oui c est encore moi avec mon blog de voyage :) http://www.thegloberunaway.blogspot.com
    mais cette fois c ‘est parce que j’ adore alexander wang

  • I think that if the direction got rid of Nicholas its because they have commercial prerogatives, at the end of the day fashion has to be PUT ON THE BODY. Nicholas was getting more and more out of touch with reality, his collections were probably not selling at all, Alexander Wang is a very very smart cookie, who knows how to combine all the aspects of fashion, super modern and yet saleable, imagine he isnt even 30 and he has many stores open in Asia, 2 lines or more of his own, I feel sad for Nicholas, he really built that company up, I hope he left with a lot of money, too bad he wasnt taking the commercual aspect into account, I am sure that the last collection that Raf did for Sa,nders was a best seller and it was the most beautifull, so sales and creativity can go hand in hand, and they should.

  • this is NOT a surprise. He’s super talented. I cant wait to see what direction he takes Balenciaga.

  • Holy F! Exciting. This is very exciting.

  • Vanessa Friedman may have it right, that Balenciaga wants to market themselves to a younger demographic and bring in the $$$.

    It’s not a heinous crime, yet I see it a bit of a mockery of iconic designers like Valentino, YSL, etc, Balenciaga is a HOUSE, they define trends and I see them as immortal, ever present. Wang is talented, he has mastered the contemporary look, yet really, why was he chosen for Balenciaga? He is clean lines and Balenciaga does not adhere to lines, they make new ones!

    There is a big disconnect between the two.

    I do wish him well though, very much looking forward to his debut line!

  • Bonjour Garance!

    I am not sure about the Wang-Balenciaga thing… Balenciaga used to be one of the greatest countries, it is a house that needs couture to keep its character. I love Wang for his downtown cool… We will see if has grown as a designer…

  • He is such a talented human being, especially at such a young age, he will do a phenomenal job.


  • j’ai hâte de voir les prochaines collections!

  • Information récente: Pinault va relancer Balenciaga Haute-Couture en récupérant les couturières de l’atelier Saint-Laurent Paris. Donc Wang a une triple tâche (PAP, HC, sa collection américaine). Grosse pression quand-même…Je lui souhaite bon courage car tout le monde va l’attendre au tournant.


  • It’s not going to be easy, but I think A. Wang is up to the challenge. He’s young, fierce and creative, Best of luck to him!


    Cheers, Cory.

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