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All & Nothing

Ok, so this isn’t a new idea – of keeping makeup minimal and really playing up one feature. A red lip, a strong cat eye, or a bronzed cheek.


What I have been noticing this fashion week season is a complete lack of makeup and then a really surprising, strong approach with one detail. Take, for instance, this look from the Dries Van Noten show yesterday. There’s barely any makeup – not even mascara – but then a combination of both electric blue and glitter as the outline on the eye. They had to blink for you to really catch the color as the lights hit it.

What might have in past years been reserved for more of an “more is more” look (along with a strong lip) is now slowly creeping into trend without letting go of the industry’s recent adoration of the no-makeup-makeup look.A slight contradiction, but somehow it seems to me the most elegant approach to a colorful, shimmering eyeliner. You almost have to look twice or you’ll miss it…

What do you think? Is this the best way to be playful with makeup? Maybe even go for a bright lipstick in a not-so-normal shade?


Add yours
  • Chloé SS16 is a reminder of that the “less is more” look creates an understated attraction. An intrigue that evokes finesse and feminity


  • Check out the Balmain models appearing on noworriesparis.com that were photographed apres the FWP show today outside Le Grande Hotel. Not much makeup. Sleek pony tails.


  • J’ai changé ma coupe de cheveux pour l’automne/hiver. Je fais vraiment mes 25 ans. Et je vais essayer pour un rouge à lèvres que je ne suis pas habitué normalement. Lequel? Je ne sais pas j’irai voir. Personnellement, je préfère le makeup simple. J’aime juste réhausser ce que j’ai déjà. J’ai de beaux yeux, de belles pomettes ainsi que des belles lèvres pulseuses. Je mets donc ces trois parties en valeur. :) Je n’aime pas la couleur sur les yeux. J’aime tout ce qui est neutre.

  • peut-être que ce ne soit pas bien mais je mets rarement du maquillage (eh oui, lorsqu’on est une femme, c’est souvent obligatoire). Ma trousse de maquillage est tellement …. comment dire, minimaliste , mais bon, je trouve que c’est également une perte de temps :)
    xo xo from Paris

  • To be totally honest, I believe that the no make up make up trend is the most difficult to handle, as your skin must look peeeerfect. I find it hard to pull this off when I haven’t slept more than 5 hours per night… Though I really love simplifying my make up routine, I sometimes have to use more product to save the face for the day. But this Dries look, with no more than an eyeliner is great, even for me… I love putting the accent on my eyes.


  • I like the no-eye-make-up look. For example, I really liked how Uma Thurman looked during the debacle that followed her going with “bare” eyes.

  • jeanette October, 26 2015, 7:21 / Reply

    This is my make-up routine every day. Tinted moisturizer (or BB cream if I am a bit tired) and then a lip-colour (red or perhaps a raspberry shade)

    Why? Back when I learnt to apply cosmetics I was allergic to every eye product I tried (including the disaster of some eyelashes falling out and peeling burning eyelids) so I never learned how! Plus I”m lazy. I’m fortunate to have pretty reasonable skin (thanks for the genes Mum!) It makes getting ready for the day very easy.

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