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Linne Halpern, Editorial Assistant

Where are you from?
Cleveland, OH! And so proud of it – I LOVE the Midwest.

Do you have a nickname?
Well, Linne is actually a nickname because my real name is Lindsey. But, I’ve gone by Linne since I was a kid. But, if you ask my family…my dad calls me Trixie and my brother calls me Noob. It’s strange, don’t ask.

What’s your sign?
Scorpio. Which I sometimes identify with, and other times, intensely do not…

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Loving, giggly, nostalgic.

Describe what you do at Atelier Doré in one sentence.
I’m the Editorial Assistant, which basically means I help Veronica produce all the content on the site! I build the site’s backend, I pitch, I write (which you can read here), and I do social media.

Ideal weekend includes…
That perfect time in New York where it’s cool enough to wear a Patagonia, but not cold enough for a coat, and all you want to do is be outside. Good food with good friends! Time to lie on my couch with a book or a movie. Some yoga. Some space for drawing. Live music! And anywhere I can get a good corn dog!

Favorite cocktail?
I’m not much of a hard alcohol girl. But, I will drink allll the hard cider. DownEast is my favorite brand. I’ll be drunk after two cans…

Do you have a secret talent?
I love to draw! It’s not that secret, though.

Craziest thing you’ve ever done?
In June, my brother and I went to Iceland together. He’s a photographer and convinced me to get into an airplane with the windows completely open. It was freezing and terrifying, but also the coolest thing ever. On that same trip, we also snowmobiled on a glacier, where we couldn’t see signs of civilization for miles and miles. It was unbelievably beautiful and so fun!

Describe your style in 3 words.
Denim, cashmere, Birkenstocks—everyday. Plus, something weirdly glittery/ rainbow-y/ or tie-dye-y.

Favorite place you’ve ever been?
Telluride, CO! I’d like to live there. I wrote about it here!

Advice to your teenage self?
Sleep more, worry less! Also, learn confrontation earlier and stand up for yourself. Always be empathetic and kind, but don’t be too preoccupied with niceness.

One thing you can’t live without?
I know this is absurd, but honestly, my blanket (and not even for sentimental reasons, just for coziness necessities…I always buy the same kind.) And ice cream. Plus, the obvious ones like my family and friends :)

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