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Parenthood is a life-changing experience. For most, the moment that baby is born, everything shifts and one’s entire life purpose becomes centered around this new, tiny human. The little things that used to cause so much worry become meaningless as a parent’s concern for their child’s well-being becomes encompassing. But, along with this great responsibility comes great power, and yes that is a Spiderman reference because parents are superheroes.

For actresses and businesswomen Anna Schafer and Sarah Wright Olsen, becoming a mother was an empowering and eye-opening experience. While pregnant with their first children, both women researched the importance of toxin-free and chemical-free products for their baby’s health, but found little on the market safe enough to trust. So, along with the birth of their children came the birth of a business idea! Enter Baeo (Bare Essential Organics)—a line of plant-based skincare products created with organic ingredients and designed to clean, moisturize, and protect the most sensitive of skin (for babies and the entire family alike!) Anna hopes to recreate her childhood memories of her mother making holistic remedies (which she fondly referred to as “magic potions”) for her own daughter and for all kids!

Anna and Sarah have a strong commitment to giving back to the community, so Baeo has partnered with Baby2Baby and will donate a portion of their sales to the non-profit (providing low income children, ages 0-12 years, with all the basic necessities every child needs.) Additionally, they’ve also partnered with ABLE, a lifestyle brand focused on ending generational poverty through providing economic opportunity for women!

Read on for more about Anna and Sarah’s journey to motherhood and entrepreneurship! And you can find Baeo’s products on their website, here!

What was it about motherhood that spurred you to want to create Baeo for your family and children?
Anna: When I got pregnant with my daughter Lila, I started to research what was good to eat and put on my skin because I quickly learned that everything gets to the baby. Then, when she was born, I only wanted the best for her and I had a hard time finding clean organic products that I loved. So, naturally I started a skin care line.

Sarah: Before I became pregnant with my son Wyatt six years ago, I read everything I could find on pregnancy and childbirth. It made me look at every aspect of my life. What was I eating? What products did I use to clean my home? What lotions, balms, soaps, face washes and makeup did I use on my skin? I was entering into what I thought was the most important job/experience of my life. I was going to be completely responsible for the things in my body that would help mold and shape this little human. My husband and I detoxed our lives and all of our products. I struggled to find a line for babies and families that I loved and that is when I began to daydream about creating something of my own.

What differentiates Baeo from other skin care lines designed with babies and toddlers in mind?
Anna: Our products smell great, feel great, work, and are truly meant for the whole family. Most of our are products are USDA organic certified and we are right there in the manufacturing facility trying everything on ourselves and our babies. We obsess over every detail and every ingredient. I knew I wanted to create a line that I truly loved and could really stand behind and Baeo is it.

Sarah: Our plant based organic skincare products are perfectly gentle for babies, but also effective for the whole family. What you smell in our products is not perfume, natural flavors or added scents. You are smelling essential oils that are included for a purpose, like our chamomile, calendula, and lavender used to calm, relax and nourish your skin.

I am very smell sensitive so it was really important to me that our products would smell amazing.

What was the most eye-opening part of becoming a mom?
Anna: How much you can love a single human. How much patience you actually have. How you’re kind of a super hero who can run on very little sleep.

Sarah: Becoming a mother gave me a strength and confidence I never knew I had. It was there living under the body of a girl from Kentucky, but it took 17 hours of labor and pushing out a 10 pound baby boy for me to see what I was actually capable of. That moment changed me. I was quickly handed the most beautiful, meaningful, living breathing thing on the planet. After 9 months of daydreaming and preparation, my life was never the same. The little things I use to worry about were meaningless now and as I stared into this chunky little face I felt super human. Being this baby’s mama would forever be my most beloved and important job.

I think a lot of women are scared their work and creative life will suffer if they become mothers due to the all consuming job of being a mom. What would your advice be to them? How are you able to manage both motherhood and entrepreneurship?
Anna: After becoming a mother I feel like I became better at most things in my life – a better actress, better at time management, have more patience. My kids taught me so much about myself. Yes, being a mother is the hardest job on the planet and there are days I feel utterly exhausted, but it’s so worth it.

Being a mom will always be a priority for me but I find if you are really organized you can truly do it all. And the days you can’t, it’s ok. Tomorrow is another day!

Sarah: It is hard sometimes. You can be up all hours of the night and still have to be completely on and awake the next day. You have to let yourself off the hook. I am writing this interview on very little sleep after a long day of school drop offs, work, reading scripts, and preparing for Baeo launch day. If you have help from friends, your family, or childcare this can allow you time for self care, work or diving into a passion. I have a great team not only in my home but my work partner is incredible as well. I am lucky to be able to work with my friends because we can have our kids with us at the office or we can work from home. The important thing to remember is that balance is key. You can not be 100% on one end or the other. You have to remind yourself to take care of you.

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Written by Nina Sivan

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