Barbie, Better

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Barbie, Better

Finally, some very cool news from… Barbie?!

By now, you might have heard that the Ava DuVernay Barbie doll sold out in just a few hours on Monday. DuVernay is the Oscar-nominated director behind the Martin Luther King Jr. biopic, “Selma“. She also represents a completely different kind of woman; it’s not just her diversity that’s of note, or the amazing braids — but also the simple fact that DuVernay is a woman who’s successful in a niche industry and career line that’s often reserved for men. (It was only recently that a woman won the Oscar for Best Director, Kathryn Bigelow for “The Hurtlocker”!)

Oh, yeah — and let’s talk about how the DuVernay Barbie is dressed. Turtleneck, slacks and sneakers… About a million miles away from the bikinis and high heels (I mean, who really puts those two together?!) of the past! Our only upset is with the body shape, which is still a typical Barbie too skinny size, not true to Ava’s beautiful body type at all (come on, when are we going to finally get diversity in shape?!!).

And we want to hear what you think about the news…

We’re a little in love with DuVernay (the real Ava and the Barbie version!)!



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  • I love DuVernay, she always comes off as talented and such an inspiring/hardworking woman in interviews. And yeah I must agree, the Barbie doll is wearing an amazing outfit haha.


  • Very amazing “Locs”. ;-)

  • ^^TJ – I caught that too. She’s rocking amazing locs. ;)

  • Bonjour
    Je ne la retrouve pas dans la poupée qui ne respire pas la joie comme l’original sur la photo : effectivement du à un manque de forme et de formes !
    Quand nous serons dans un monde qui reconnaitra les formes féminines et leur pouvoir d’attirance, nous serons dans un monde qui reconnaitra les femmes…. et il y a encore tellement de chemin….
    Allez au boulot !

  • En parlant de diversité physique, vous vous y mettez quand chez Garance Doré ?

  • Je trouve aussi qu’il y a un manque de diversité sur ce blog et dans l’équipe !

  • Ava is incredible. So talented and beautiful. Thanks for this feature. I do question the phrase “…her diversity” however. It sounds clunky and out of place in this wonderful story.

    “Diversity is for white people: The big lie behind a well-intended word
    “Diversity” sounds polite and hopeful. It’s how we talk when we can’t talk about race, or when whites get nervous”
    by ELLEN BERREY via Salon: http://www.salon.com/2015/10/26/diversity_is_for_white_people_the_big_lie_behind_a_well_intended_word/

  • The barbie looks gorgeous and I can see Ava in it!:) I agree philosophically with the concept of having the barbie size be more realistic, but I have a soft spot for barbie, so she looks just great as is:) she has curves not large ones but still she is curvy (childhood attachment and all LOL). Also for all the bad rap that barbie gets, mattel has always made sure barbie’s profession evolves with the changing times. Growing up my barbies were not just beauty queens and socialites with the perfect mansion, they had careers! If anything Ken is the one that is the eye candy… feminism anyone!

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