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The main attraction of my recent European getaway was Barcelona. It’s the capital of Catalonia, and to date it’s the most fascinating place I’ve visited. The city is so old, yet remarkably lively. The architecture is otherworldly, and I’m salivating over thoughts of the food. In fact, I’ve already planned my return. These were a few of my favorite things:

1. Drinks at Rubi – Rubi is a small, narrow corridor, with colorful neon bouncing over every surface. The bar is like a giant oyster inlaid to the wall. Ask for the bartender’s special and make sure to get a mirror selfie.

2. Gothic Quarter – Get lost in the maze of tiny corridors, and shop for antiques a bit while you’re at it. Grab lunch outside, and drink away your afternoon. Then it’ll be time to create some intense Instagram envy.

3. Plaça Reial – There’s nothing quite like a historic courtyard, and Barcelona is full of them. Go to Plaça Reial for drinks at Ocaña, and make sure to sit outside.

4. Nevermind – Imagine the most East Village bar that you’ve been to. Insert a quarter pipe. Think about paying $1.50 for shots & $5 for cocktails. That’s how great Nevermind is.


By James, Atelier intern


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  • I LOVE Barcelona, despite it being the only place in the world (and I have been around the world) where somebody has tried to snatch my bag. I didn’t let go, and the bag (a Furla) didn’t break, despite the thief dragging me down the street. People watched but didn’t budge. Finally somebody intervened and he ran off. It didn’t stop me from returning many times.
    Don’t miss the evening jazz concert atop Casa Mila, aka la Pedrera, amid the amazing Gaudi chimneys.

  • My eyes fill up with tears of joy…. what an honor!!! As any Catalan would, I feel immensely grateful for the lovely words you share about my city :-)))
    Oh! and the fact that you’ve allowed yourself to appreciate more than just Gaudí buildings is brilliant!!!! BCN is so much more than just la Sagrada Familia!


  • Yamina May, 3 2017, 4:46 / Reply

    SEVILLA is prettier

  • and what about over- population/priced?

  • Clara May, 3 2017, 1:54

    Totally….. :-(( I live in the city center and it is horrendous! Prices are sky high and the streets (especially now, with the good weather aproaching) seem like a tourist marabunta…. not happy about that :-(
    Nevertheless, you can still enjoy the real BCN if you go to the outskirts of the city.
    Sarrià, Sant Cugat, Vallvidrera…. they are intact and shine for their tourist “virginity”. There are amazing restaurants, views and even better prices!!!

  • Lauren May, 3 2017, 4:08 / Reply

    I’m going to Barcelona at the end of the month. This is just what I needed!

  • Clara May, 4 2017, 2:25

    Alllw me to recommend some superb spots:

    Try the paella at Pez Vela (Passeig del Mare Nostrum, 19). It is deeeeelish and tastes even better with the (sea) views! Make sure to book a reservation, though!!

    Drink a fancy cocktail at Solange (Carrer Aribau, 143). The name has nothing to do with Beyoncé’s sister. Solange is about real cocktails. Oh, and if you are creative, throw four clues to the bartender and he will be responsible for giving birth to a new cocktail just for you.

    Buy curated and one-of-a-kind pieces by reknown designers such as Lemaire, Raf Simons, Estudies Studio o Marius Petrus at Wer Haus (Carrer Aragó, 287).

    End your obligatory walk down La Rambla by getting inspired at Arts Santa Mònica (La Rambla, 7). It’s a public art space featuring regular exhibitions of contemporary art from local and international artists. Admission is free and you can even opt to take part in creative workshops!!

    Enjoy the best (let me repeat, THE BEEEEST) omlettes/tortillas at Flash Flash (Carrer de la Granada del Penedès, 25)

    And finally, be amazed by the Harry Potter-ish library Biblioteca Arús (Passeig Sant Joan, 28). A woman holding a torch and a book will welcome you…. just like in the movies! Also, once you climb the entrance staircase, you will find a small replica of the Statue of Liberty that greets the visitors. The Catalan Liberty!

    Hope this list makes your stay in BCN a little bit less “touristy”!!


  • Oh this seems amazing! I’ve always wanted to visit BCN and the comments give such great suggestions. It’s true that when you think of Barcelona you think of Gaudi and not much else because that’s the only thing that people ever seem to talk about

  • Clara May, 4 2017, 1:07


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