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You guys already know that I’m a serious Batsheva fan girl. I haven’t kept quiet about it. I love her so much. That’s why I was beyond excited when I heard she was opening a pop-up shop in Soho where she’d be selling her homemade dresses…and when I got invited to her fashion week presentation.

Last week, in between shows, Bogdana and I stopped by the Batsheva pop-up to say hi before the presentation and to check out the dresses. It’s also highly possible that we both walked out with new purchases ;)

batsheva fall 2019 atelier dore

And then, today was the imaginative, daring, and authentic spectacle that was her Fall 2019 presentation! There was haunting spoken word poetry, prints featuring children’s dolls, models wearing shoes ranging from Bean boots and Nikes to Keds and patent leather booties, braids galore, a live violinist and guitarist playing Hole songs, Courtney Love herself, an unhinged bride…the list of eccentricities goes on…

batsheva fall 2019 atelier dore

But, beyond all the hoopla, my favorite aspect of Batsheva’s philosophy is the ways in which she plays with, expresses, and challenges the notions of femininity. In today’s show notes she wrote,“Reframing and reclaiming the power / Tribute to a slow & handmade industry / Embodying a woman’s perspective”. On the sidelines of today’s “runway” sat women perched at work tables, sewing away at tomorrow’s dresses. In my interview with Batsheva from October, she described her personal style as being defined by “dualities.” That obsession with juxtaposition, with history, with sanctifying “women’s work,” with the Kinderwhore aesthetic, with motherhood, religion, and rebellion, comes through in everything she touches. It’s a crazy, encompassing vision, but I’m so enamored with it and I can’t look away…

batsheva fall 2019 atelier dore

batsheva fall 2019 atelier dore

You can visit the Batsheva pop-up shop at 382 West Broadway through February 20th. Watch as seamstresses will sew you a dress right before your eyes!


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  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira February, 14 2019, 2:54 / Reply

    Yeah ,i think this brand is totally You and Spring is almost here !!!

  • I admire her philosophy, but I just can’t understand the love of her dresses. They are replicas of children’s dresses from the ‘40s and ‘50s…and I don’t like her fabrics. Sorry…my opinion.

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