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Battle of the Brows

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Battle of the Brows

Admittedly, one of my biggest regrets in life (at least in the beauty department) is over-waxing my eyebrows. Sure, in 6th grade the unibrow had to go – but after that, I fell into the trap of regularly waxing, therefore significantly thinning out my eyebrow shape (though luckily never paper thin like my sisters did – sorry guys).

So now I’m trying to grow them out as much as possible (is that even possible at all??) – and having a hard time balancing the in between stage which sort of screams “severely un-groomed.” I tweeze the strays here and there but am trying to avoid the waxing / threading table. I’ve been applying a natural oil every night in hopes that it will aid this process – but alas, no miracle growth has sprouted. Should I seek professional council? Are there tips to gracefully growing them out? Have you ever waxed your eyebrows off and decided to regrow them?


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  • Marie-Laure Michaud October, 10 2016, 3:52 / Reply

    Try these products
    I’m not working for the brand, just a consumer who wants her brws to grow.
    It works quite well. God luck, Marie-Laure

  • Prerequisite: I’m not a hippie, but Castor Oil applied via Q-tip every night will work wonders. Not likely to get you to Cara status by next week, but you will definitely see growth!

  • Ai-Ch'ng October, 11 2016, 6:59

    Yes, this has also worked for me. Super-impressive at getting my super-sparse Chinese eyebrows to grow more. I don’t have Cara-like genes, so I didn’t expect a full brow like the girl in the photo: however, there was a marked difference.

    Watch out you don’t get any castor oil dripping into your open eyes: it stings like mad!

  • JustAGirl October, 10 2016, 4:27 / Reply

    Put either Rogaine or Latisse where you want the brows to grow back. After skin cancer I my doctor recommended this to me to help the hair regrow where they cut through my eyebrow. It really works!

  • Fabienne October, 10 2016, 4:28 / Reply

    Never plucked my brows and i’m 57. The line is very good and a saved money and did’nt waist time in appointment ! My mother was so right… Be patient anf forget them…you will be amazed how they can be beautiful being free

  • Natalie, sorry for the bad news, but I’m afraid there is no possibility to “regrow” eyebrows. They don’t grow like hair. They have less cycles of regrowth and are very fragile. And once they’ve stopped growing, I’m afraid it’s definitely over. A professional won’t be of any help. Maybe you should think about tattoo, like the Hairstroke Method. They do it here in France. They certainly do it in the US to. Good luck. Chantal

  • Kimberly Myers-Pinkel October, 10 2016, 5:05 / Reply

    Try a B-complex supplement to aid in hair (and nail) growth. I never over waxed, but I have had a hard time finding someone who could do a good job of taking care of my brows and I have this let them get a little too natural. I empathize with the plucking of the strays and wondering when to say when. I’ll take this as a sign to start looking for someone new! Good luck!

  • Christina Copp October, 10 2016, 5:17 / Reply

    Only problem with products like Latisse is that it stops working when you stop using it, and hairs fall out. I also grew hair above my eyebrows near my temple, and between my eyes and my cheekbones! That doesn’t happen to everyone, but reading Amazon reviews, it did for a few people!

  • I did the grow out about 5 years ago after years of waxing, threading and even that year I had stick thin brows because I wanted to be in 90210 at 13 years…Luckily for me they grew back! I will say it takes time. They’ll be a little funky for a bit. Mine took about a year or 2 till they felt very natural again BUT good news Boy Brow from Glossier exists even if it didn’t when I was growing mine out. I honestly think just a little tinted brow gel to keep them in place and tweeze the outside strays, that’s what I did and you’ll get there! Just keep being patient and maybe some castor oil. I’ve heard great things!

  • Super simple. Only thing you need is some time and some serious patience. For shaping and training the brow find a good threader who will work with you to do this…she’ll just take off the strays and keep it groomed but it is basically left to grow out and trained along the line that she creates… “Keep it thick, thick, I like it T H I C K!!! Please.” (smile)
    But it works, ask me how I know. Me and a tweezer is a dangerous combination. Ok, now the natural stuff to help it grow a little more… Heard of Aloe Vera? Squeeze the goo out in a little container! Buy some castor oil, check Amazon for the Jamaican black castor oil… and there was one other ingredient I saw on Instagram. Darn it. I can’t remember but these two are pretty good for growing your brows…

  • I used Revitalash on my eyelashes and had awesome results so decided to give it a try on eye brows as well. It has been working but a LOT slower than it did on my lashes. After several months I am FINALLY seeing patches grow in. It worked for me but just have to be VERY patient

  • Like many of us, my brows have been varying widths over the years. Per Anastasia’s (of Beverly Hills) advice, I didn’t pluck a single hair for three months (except for a little of that unibrow). When you do, she said it sends a message to stunt surrounding hair growth. I did this while applying Shiseido’s lash serum at least once a day. There was noticeable growth and fullness in bare spots. After this tube is down, I’ll take the above advice and continue with castor oil!

  • I heard that castor oil does miracles!

  • I’ve been growing mine out for a while as well. What also works is having the beautician dye the blonder strays around your brow to create a fuller and more groomed effect. I did this a couple of months ago and while Cara’s brow is still far off for me (sigh), they are much fuller and better shaped.

  • Ouais, ça a pris deux ans et c’est pas encore dingue. Patience et crayon!

  • The biggest regret of our generation probably.

  • Pour info : les sourcils “tombés” ne repoussent plus, au fil des âges, ils se raréfient c’est pour cela qu’il ne faut pas trop les épliler : regardez les personnes d’un certain âge : les sourcils sont quasi-inexistants, rares… prenez-en soin!! Et mangez sainement.

  • One of the smartest thing I ever did with my thick, long… oh I mean on trend brows? Plucking only to clean up the strays and trimming them. Barbers do it to men all the time. A friend who cuts women’s hair did it to me in seconds flat and brought out the shape of the brow without plucking. It is as simple as taking a fine tooth comb, combing the brow straight up and trimming the ends. Start with a very slight trim and you will see what I mean. Makes life easier and works.

  • Melanie Steinemann October, 11 2016, 11:14 / Reply

    I used latisse on mine and got some results.

  • I never post a comments on the internet ever, but I felt really compelled to here because I know what you are going through and want to give you a bit of hope. It is most DEFINITELY possible to regrow some hair. (I don’t understand why some of the above comments say otherwise). All may not grow back, but some amount does – and given how a few hairs can totally change the look of brows – I think that is great news. I’ve been undergoing this process for the past two years (I’m a very patient person). You need to read up on Kristie Streicher’s brow rehab. You don’t even need to try to make an appointment, just follow the advice about growth and shaping hairs. I’ve had hairs grow in areas where I hadn’t seen a single hair in 10 years. It’s all about patience. Nothing happened and then suddenly hairs would sprout 1 year in and then another and then another. Now I have so much hair that I have to struggle not to pluck in order for areas that are still missing to grow (you’ll understand this once you visit her website). I also apply my eye creams on the brow area. I didn’t do this with the intention of it assisting in growth but just because I like to do my entire brow bone area. And I think it actually helped the process a bit as well. Good luck!

  • Josephine October, 11 2016, 3:08

    Jen – same here! I’m following Streicher’s brow rehab plan published on Violet Grey. I’m only on week 6, but my brows are definitely growing back. The “bald spots” are annoying, but like you, I’m patient.

  • This is the same method I was going to recommend! I haven’t actually tried the Streicher method, but I did something similar when I went to college 9 years ago. I just let those babies grow, no tweezing except to tame the unibrow, and even then, I only plucked the ones that were dead center with my nose for about two years.The problem with growing out and still tweezing is that you might be tweezing hairs that could eventually be all filled in once the surrounding hairs come back at a future time (since hairs usually have a staggered multi week growth cycle).

    I have read a number of blog posts about other people trying the Streicher method and went through the same terrible grow out stage, but the payoff in the end is so worth it, especially because my natural brows are a lot lower maintenance than my former waxed, tweezed to death versions.

  • RevitaBrow is a miracle product for regrowing your eyebrows. It finally helped fill in my thin ends and now I get compliments all the time on my full brows. It takes about 4-6 weeks to see regrowth but it definitely works. You just have to stick with it and apply it every night. I also applied it in the morning as a sort of brow gel. Dying your eyebrows also helps them look fuller. I have my lashes and brows dyed at Benefit. Good luck!

  • je suis dans le meme cas que toi je les laisse pousser et ca marche, j’ai commencé cet été et aujourd’hui ce n’est pas parfait mais de mieux en mieux. J’epile uniquement ce qui dépasse et avec un peu de maquillage c’est vraiment pas mal ! on est encore jeunes, les sourcils repoussent !!

  • I know that problem just so well, I did the same when I was 13/14 and thats like nearly 13 years ago and I’m still trying to grow them back… No miracles have ever worked on me, but be assured it eventually gets better. Today I’m actually quite happy by the way the look now, I will never have brows like Cara Delavigne, the no-brow is kind of a family things, but eventually the little hairs my DNA would allow grew back! And hey, there is always Garances options ;)

  • j’ai réussi grâce à de l’huile de ricin pure que j’applique tout les soirs et j’avoue que je suis plutôt satisfaite c’est long mais ça marche !

  • Amazing!!! I am really grateful for your post. A.L.C Dress

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