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Beach Bum

This past weekend I headed to Rockaway Beach in New York.

Being that it was a holiday weekend, I knew it was going to be crowded, but my friends and I took our chances any way. After a late start, a wrong train, and a $40 Uber, we finally made it to the beach that was covered in people on the ocean that was filled with seaweed. It was an adventure, to say the least, and while it was nice to lay in the sand for a little while, it got me thinking about all of the dream beaches around the world I would practically kill to visit…

1. Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda – The color scheme alone is reason enough to go…Is this place even real??

beach bum garance dore photo

2. Capo di Feno in Corsica – Not only is this in G’s hometown of Corsica, but word on the street is that it’s her favorite beach too. It’s not hard to see why…

beach bum garance dore photo

3. Praia Dona Ana in Portugal – Tell me you haven’t had a dream that looks like this…

beach bum garance dore photo

4. Kauna’ oa Beach in Hawaii – Wouldn’t mind spending a week (or 6) perched up here –

beach bum garance dore photo

What is your favorite beach??


Add yours
  • So lovely! Looks like a dream <3

  • Amy Conley July, 5 2016, 11:50 / Reply

    Bay of Fires, in my home state of Tasmania, Australia. Seriously. But any beaches here in Tas are amazing and mostly free of other people year round :)

  • Point Addis Victoria on the Great Ocean Road Australia. You walk down the 50-60 steps through the forest in the national park and on to a white sand beach surrounded by red coloured sandstone cliffs. The waves are gentle enough for beginners to learn to stand on their boards, but fun for everyone. Just a few km from the famed surf mecca Bells Beach…. But a million miles away in every other way.
    Water is cold in winter but sublime from January to April.

  • Violaine July, 6 2016, 5:55 / Reply

    Bordardoué et Donnant à Belle Île en Mer !
    Le climat est moins chaud qu’en Corse mais il fait toujours beau à un moment de la journée et l’eau est froide mais bleu turquoise !

  • Ocean City (Maryland, US) and Lake Tamula (Võru, Estonia).


  • Juliette July, 6 2016, 8:00 / Reply

    La mienne, c’est celle où a été tourné Le Grand Bleu à Amorgos, en Grèce !!

  • Playa de Levante in Formentera is my favourite. It’s quite close to the very famous Playa de Ses Illetes but it’s less crowded and, in my opinion, way more charming because of its wilderness (sort of), Praia de Boiao in the Algarve because it’s like being inside The Goonies and Spiaggia Fornillo in Positano because it’s secluded amongst the hills and it has all the Italian allure without the tourists.
    However and so that you don’t feel alone in nightmares on the beach: Dühne beach in the North of Germany is a nightmare! And I’ve been there twice! Why? I don’t know… I guess I wanted to give it a second try but… no. It’s simply a no.

  • What are your posts suddenly en Francais in my feed???

  • Natalie July, 6 2016, 4:25

    Hi June,

    We have made the domain switch to http://www.GaranceDore.com which caused a few technical difficulties but should be resolved now! Give it a try using the new link :) x Natalie

  • Marzena Trela July, 6 2016, 4:53 / Reply

    Plage Saint Jean – Pianattoli Caldarello Corse :)
    and Lozari – Balagne :)

  • Gunnhild July, 7 2016, 6:01 / Reply

    Solastranda near Stavanger, Norway :-)
    True love!

  • Praia da Dona Ana, in the small town of Lagos, used to be beautiful, but unfortunately now it is very different from the photo you posted. Two years ago the local authorities decided to put more sand on the beach in an attempt to stop the erosion, but the fact is the profile of the beach is now very different. But no worries, google Praia do Camilo, also in Lagos, I think it is a good alternative

  • I have around 10 favorite beaches… Every single one of them is in Greece!

  • Tijana July, 9 2016, 6:25 / Reply

    Natalie, have you ever checked beaches in Croatia? Most of them are undiscovered paradises, with more than 1000 islands, coast and islands in Croatia are full of wonderfull beaches. Some of them are wild, some of them are with sand, on some of them you can be alone. Real paradise!

  • Natalie July, 9 2016, 2:20

    Hi Tijana,

    Croatia sounds beautiful, thank you for the recommendation! x Natalie

  • c’est dans ma ville: fortaleza, brazil!
    natalie, il faut venir ici! <3

  • These r amazing! My fave is in Baska on Krk Island in Croatia :))
    Xo from Poland :)

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