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Beanie Or Bust

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Beanie Or Bust

Short hair and beanie is a bit of a conundrum.
Ok, I know, I know… Garance does it well, but it hasn’t been such an easy learning curve for me. And my hair is that weird length where, when I put on said beanie, just spikey bits of hair come out the back with a vague look of a mullet. Not really the look I’m going for, and definitely not becoming!

So, I have some options. I can go with the spikey look and own it. Could be cool, could bring something back / start something that never happened with this one… I could just tuck all the hair in, but a cold neck?

What is the beanie resolution when it comes to that in between length of hair? Give up on the beanie and just stick to a hood? (Never!!!)


Add yours
  • It’s nowhere near as high as beanies on the cool quotient, but for truly cold weather I’m a fan of hood/scarves that I got into on a visit to Stockholm. They are like detached hoods with long, wide bands on both sides that are wrapped around criss-cross over your shoulders. They are warm and some are very elegant and chic. And, best of all, they beat beanies/toques hands down for not messing up your hair.

    The only trick is that they can be hard to find — the nicest ones I’ve ever seen were in Stockholm and I’ve had them for years.

  • I think short + beanie can = cute. But has to be the right hat (and hair?). Otherwise, ear muffs? Or a cute warm headband?

  • I have a pixie cut myself and do the short hair + beanie combo daily in the winter! I’m always sure to wear a scarf to avoid a cold neck, even if it’s just loosely undone at the front of my coat.

  • Yesss! My hair is in between length, too, making beanie-wearing a challenge. I love my turban beanie from ASOS; it works really well with my length and looks cute and retro when I can get the short hairs sticking out to fall into the right place. http://www.asos.com/asos/asos-fine-rib-knitted-turban-hat/prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=5261562&clr=Black&SearchQuery=turban&pgesize=28&pge=0&totalstyles=28&gridsize=3&gridrow=5&gridcolumn=3

  • It can’t be done. You just look like a bald person. I speak from experience. But at least your head is warm.

  • I know this problem ALL too well and can’t wait to read people’s solutions!

  • Moi c’est comme ça que je préfère porter un bonnet ou un chapeau c’est à dire avec des mèches qui dépassent. A mon avis, tout est question de coiffage, même quand on a couvre-chef (et non un cache misère), le coiffage est important

  • You just need a big scarf. Then you don´t see the spikey bits of hair and you can wear your beanie, stay cool and be extra warm.

  • a knited turban! There’s nothing remotely as chic!

  • I like the pullover. Which brand?

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