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Beauty Product of the Week: Biologique Recherché

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Beauty Product of the Week: Biologique Recherché

I’ve tried everything!

All the formulas, lotions and topical treatments the cosmetic world has to offer. Since puberty I’ve had trouble skin, which hasn’t ceased into my, cough, now thirties. When we went to LA I heard about the latest trend sweeping women’s faces into beautification – a brand called Biologique Recherché Paris. The girls swear by it, and listed what seemed like every one of their cult French brands products in their daily routines.

Easily persuaded by their glowing skin, I decided to try their cornerstone product – Lotion P50. I wouldn’t know where to start with the technicality of the lotion – but it’s a daily exfoliant and purifier I dab gently on my face before bed that doesn’t smell amazing and slightly tingles so I feel like its working.

Results you ask? Much to my surprise, I’m not wearing an ounce of makeup today at the office, or most days as a matter of fact – just a smear of coconut oil ! Would I recommend it ? Yes. Should you try it? Haven’t met a girl who would tell you otherwise, and they all have brilliant skin!

Biologique Recherche Paris, Lotion P50


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  • where did you buy it??? merci

  • I travelled for the month of August and stupidly left my P50 and Verso Day Cream behind, and my skin was a disaster; I didn’t realize what a huge difference those 2 products make for me. Once I restarted them, my skin looks fantastic again. A few things that should be noted about P50:
    1. It is hard to find retailers, I get mine online from Rescue Spa in the US.
    2. There are several different formulations for different skin types. I use the original P50 1970 that is only available in the US (phenol is banned in the EU). I don’t find it too harsh for my somewhat sensitive skin; it does burn/tingle a bit when I put it on, but kind of in a good way. Caroline Hirons has some useful info about the different versions on her blog.

    I actually meant to comment on Natalie’s post about bad foundation 2 days ago, that if she used P50, she wouldn’t need foundation. I just use a bit of tinted moisturizer to even everything out, and some concealer under my eyes.

  • useful thanks

  • YES! A salon here in San Francisco recommended I use it years ago, and I haven’t stopped (though it’s quite hard to find online). It definitely turns your face BRIGHT red when you use it, and it smells a little strongly, but I think it does a great job exfoliating and clearing problem skin!

  • P50 is the best and I love Biologique recherche, not sure why more places don’t stock it. I buy it in Europe or online at Recsue Spa, they’re super helpful on what to use.

  • Sounds great!

  • I have been dying to try this for some time now too. Good news for anyone who lives in New York, I just learned that you can get official Biologique Recherché facial treatments and products at the Peninsula Spa in The Peninsula Hotel. Check their website for other spa locations. Hope that is helpful to some!

  • I used this stuff (bought here:, and it was the WORST thing I ever did. I broke out like never before, but as soon as I stopped using it, my skin went back to normal. Truly could not recommend anything less than this product.

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