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Beauty Product of the Week: S.W. Basics

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Beauty Product of the Week: S.W. Basics

I am not someone who wears a lot of makeup or uses a ton of products, but I LOVE all things beauty. Just the sight of them excites me. And not even the priciest stuff. Give me $20 to spend in a drugstore and I’m a happy camper. That being said, there is one product I’ve never been able to figure out and that’s toner. I just don’t get it. I don’t know what it’s supposed to make my skin feel like or look like. And it seems like extra step I just may not need??

I honestly don’t know. But, I recently tried the toner from S.W. Basics and actually think I woke up with brighter looking skin. Call me crazy, or maybe it was the scent of apple cider vinegar mixed with sandalwood, clary sage and witch hazel, that made me feel like I was making up for neglecting my skin all these years, but I think I might be a convert. It makes my skin feel extra clean and ready to absorb whatever comes next in my beauty routine.

What about you guys? If you use toners, what are some of your favorites?


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  • Huge fan of toner. I’ve tried them all, but always return to Kiehl’s Ultra Toner.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, Kate! Will definitely keep this one in mind.
    x Carie

  • I’ve tried a bunch of different toners but I keep coming back to Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel toner. Simple, inexpensive, lovely.

  • Ah, yes! I have heard great things about the Thayers toners and always love a rose scented product. Thanks, Natalie!
    x Carie

  • Toner is a must for radiant skin. My best choice is Santaverde toner sensitive. It really does make difference in terms of refreshment, pore reduction and general skin wellbeing.

  • Not truly a toner but Biologique Recherche’s Lotion (P50, P50V, P50W) is more of an exfoliating balancer and brightener. Love this product! I was never one for toners until I tried this.

  • Love SW Basics lip balms as well!

  • Thanks for all of your suggestions! I’m finally excited to explore the world of toners! x Carie

  • For the past few years I have been using a home made mixture of essential tea tree oil (medical grade) and water, I spritz it all over my face and décolletage whenever I get the chance, that and occasional rosewater from the store but I always go back to my tea tree mixture!

  • Elitsa Milanova November, 5 2016, 6:04 / Reply

    A toner is used to freshen up the skin and clean any residues of cleansers or masques. It is typically used between the cleansing and moisturising stage of your beauty regime. A toner was used to balance the skin’s pH because people used to clean their face with bar soap which is very alkaline. I personally don’t use one because I do oil cleansing but a good, natural toner (without alcohol) can be a real delight to use.

  • Thank you for this explanation! As I was reading the comments, I kept wondering: when would I use this?

  • Alteya Organics bulgarian rose toner is really good

  • MARTA ROSSI November, 13 2016, 10:15 / Reply

    I usually finish my beauty make up remover treatment with Clarins Lotion Tonique – Iris, it is fresh, without alcool and anti-pollution, for normal to oily skin. It is like a fresh breath on my skin.

  • S.W. Basics products are my holy grail!! I’ve started making my own toner using their basic ingredients, but still buy their cleanser, hisbiscus mask and exfoliant. Their cream is also amazing (started making my own of that, too!). They’re just wonderful and simple and my absolute favorite. So glad you’re using their products!! xx

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