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Beginner’s Luck

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Beginner’s Luck

Exercise. The eternally unchecked activity on my to do list.

Well, recently, myself and Alison here at the studio have decided to make it a point to finally check it off the list. And not just once, but TWICE a week. Crazy, I know.

Now, let me inform you that although Alison and I do take pride in our appearance, we are not even the slightest bit close to “gym girls.” We like our salted chocolate chip cookies from The Smile (which we split of course. Half of a cookie doesn’t count, right??), and we will take a dinner party over going to the gym any day. But, you see, Alison and I are about the same age – early twenties – and we have both reached a point in our lives where we are realizing that our bodies are changing. The days of our teenage youth have officially left us and it’s time to become healthier versions of ourselves.

Much like many other ladies and gents, we find the gym to be a tad boring. So, we decided it would be a great idea to join in on some local kickboxing classes after work. Let me tell ya, kickboxing is no joke. In the simplest of terms – we get our asses kicked. BUT, we are having so much fun doing so! I genuinely look forward to taking down that punching bag every week, and I have already noticed a difference in how I look and feel. My skin is brighter, my thoughts are clearer, and I am more motivated to make healthy choices in all other aspects of my life. This exercise stuff seriously works! Who would have thought?

Suggestions for other fun ways to get fit are always welcome – tell us about your go to!


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  • Ine H. Knutsen October, 20 2016, 3:15 / Reply

    I too find the gym boring, and I’m not nearly organized enough to find a regime I can do on my own and be dedicated to, but this spring I found my solution in pole dancing classes! I know some people still think of it as sexy twerking next to a pole, but I assure you it’s not at all. It feels like goofing around for an hour trying to hang on to a pole, but when you wake up the next morning you won’t belive that having so much funn made so incredibly sore! (but in a good way, I promise!) It’s so much fun and I’ve never had a workout where I really wanted to go back every time, and where I’ve seen results like these, the fun thing is that you can feel yourself getting stronger every time you go back, and it feels amazing!

  • By choosing a real sport versus going to the gym and doing fitness or weightlifting that a re activities with no other goal than getting fit, you made the right decision, because as you enjoy it, it is a pleasure and not a duty, completely different mindset.
    I have always been very sporty, minimum 3 trainings a week and mostly 5, wether French boxing or volleyball + running, and now I recover from knee surgery and I can only lift weights and do stationary bicycle, ant for nearly 1 year, believe me I can’t go there more than twice a week, I don’t enjoy it, it is aimless, no pleasure, no tactics, no strategy, no fun, no mastering of difficult moves, nothing except staying fit.

    So keep on having fun, do not be afraid of “fighting”, you know in the training session like a real fish but you don’t give real kicks, you just lightly touch your opponent, often girls are afraid of doing it, but it is the real fun, like a cat and mice game, you have to be clever, quick, move fast, think fast ! Il really long to be able to box again (only 3 months left…)

  • vanessa la belge October, 20 2016, 7:27 / Reply

    Je ressens la meme chose! Lorsque je fais du sport, je constate que je fais des choix alimentaires plus sains, que je me sens mille fois mieux dans mon corps (sans pour autant perdre du poids. Comme quoi…),… Que du positif :-)

  • running does NOT have the best reputation, but it’s so fun!! ok, it’s not totally fun at first, but your body adapts so quickly. just start out really slowly, and make sure to warm up a bit first, especially when it’s cold out. it’s a great way to get outside, people watch, listen to a podcast or good music, and clear your head. and with the changing seasons and routes, it (almost) never gets boring. and it’s actually fun in the rain. and the sense of accomplishment is huge!

  • Rosemary Jordan October, 20 2016, 3:30 / Reply

    I have the app Daily Burn which is awesome if you don’t like to go to the gym. Since it’s an app you can do it anywhere, at home or if traveling in the hotel room although space is limited. They have every kind of workout from yoga to tabata. They also now have a daily live 30 minute workout with a different trainer and routine every day.

  • I actually prefer good old plain workout in the gym, lifting weights…

    I don’t know if exercise has to be fun. Maybe it’s more diwn to the type of personality.
    Walking snd swimming is fun for me. Otherwise I like the feeling that I get from exercising. Plus I know that it’s important for me to get moving.

    Everyone should pick sth that suits them. I hate team sports, some love it. I want to exercise by myself, some prefer groups etc.


  • I did ballet and modern dance as a child, and started fencing at about age 12. To this day I can’t run or swim or bike as exercise, because it’s so boring! I still love dance and fencing, though, and I’ve added yoga and acrobatics. It’s always fun to go to the gym and do handstands and contortion work while the guys doing bicep lifts gape…..

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