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You know your forte is fashion when you realize the eye shadow you’ve been using is actually meant to be a blush.

You’d think it would be easy to tell, but it took a friend searching in my very bare makeup bag, asking “Do you like this blush?” and held up my under-eye shadow I’d been using for some time. Confused?!  It turns out I also really like it as a blush – it’s given me the hint of a summer tan, the only downside is I don’t think I can wear it both ways at once.

Is it a beauty faux pas to double-time a powder as an eye-shadow? I’ve really no clue. Do you ever multi-use your products??


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  • I have read that many make-up artists multiuse the make-up products. So I think it’s not a mistake – it’s a trend.
    I plan to experiment myself, but I always forget. :)

  • Au contraire, c’est plutôt signe de créativité d’utiliser un blush comme fard à paupières! Trouver une utilisation alternative, c’est top!
    Et puis, un produit deux en un, c’est plutôt cool! Ca fait moins de produits à emmener dans sa trousse de maquillage quand on part en WE ou en vacances!
    Bonne soirée

    Le monde ds petites

  • I try, but I’m not a pro!!
    XOX, Gap.

  • It would be fine, but some products that are tested as face-safe are not necessarily eye-safe. It doesn’t preclude multi-use products, but it is something to be aware of.

  • Yeah tought the same thing too!
    And maybe a given… but at least change/clean the brushes when you go multifunctional on a product.

  • Oh oui et ça peut être intrigant! Crayon comme eye-liner et le rouge à lèvre à la place du blush, des fois c’est la poudre de soleil qui remplace le blush! C’est le résultat qui compte ;)

  • All the time! They are all mostly the same water-based mixtures & chemicals. Like using lipstick as a little rouge on your cheeks, or my bronzer as blush… I never really look that different from when I put on all the “right” makeup… Right??


  • Le maquillage, c’est nouveau pour moi… et je n’ai encore jamais osé porter du blush! J’ai vraiment les pommettes très rose au naturel et petite, je me faisais constamment agacer avec ça! J’ai donc plutôt tendance à les camoufler… Mais depuis peu j’ai envie d’en porter, et je pense vraiment que ça peut être aussi très joli sur les paupières. Je vais essayer!

  • caroline April, 15 2015, 1:08 / Reply

    Yes! I love to use my compact powder mineral foundation as an eyeshadow base/primer and sometimes use it on its own for a no-makeup eye look with a little liner and mascara. It keeps my lids uniform and matte all day.

  • Haha! I received a ‘nail polish’ in a glossybox once and complained to anyone who would listen about the awful quality, only to realise a week later that it was actually a highlighter! I was pretty embarrassed but pretty chuffed that it wasn’t a rubbish nail polish :) xx

  • This is too funny – I think you’re doing just fine! You always look gorgeous xo

    Warm Regards,

  • I’m very happy using anything as anything, as long as I feel it looks flattering. A lot of the time distinctions between products are totally arbitrary. I’ve even found that some products work better for me as something else when they totally fail at their original purpose – for instance, a concealer that was colour matched to me at a beauty counter by an assistant who may have been colourblind works great for me as a natural looking eyeshadow! Also often dab a lipstick on as blush touch-up when I am carrying a v. small clutch and need to economise space. You paid for it so whatever works!

  • I like to use the most neutral make up — a good light blush is perfect

  • It’s so much fun experimenting! I find the blush colours are at times more lovely than the eye shadow. x

  • I multi use my products all the time!!!


  • Jennifer April, 15 2015, 5:27 / Reply

    Yes! Especially with the Nars Mulitple! Eyes, lips, cheeks, highlighter…

  • I use blush as eye shadow and sometimes use lip gloss to add sheen to my eye shadow. I also use a wet brush to apply brown eye shadow to my eyebrows instead of using eyebrow pencils.

  • I use my pink lipsticks as cream blush at times.

  • Most of the time my make up is made for that thanks to NARS and Laura Mercier super uper incredible multitask products, since using these wonderful brands my life is less complicated and my make up done in a record time!!!

  • Je comprends que la teinte et la texture corresponde à ce que vous attendez d’un fard à paupière. Moi-même j’utilise parfois un lipstick nude irisé sur les paupières en illumineur… Mais ça prouve aussi, et vous en êtes bien chanceuse, que vous n’avez pas du acheter vous-même ce produit… quelle vendeuse chez Sephora vous vendrez un blush pour un fard ?!

  • Not a surprise. Fashion is about creativity and expression, it’s meant to be flexible and playful. I use my red lipstick to create that blush effect and then diffuse it with lip balm so the skin doesn’t look dry but it looks beautifully hydrated instead (it’s like baby blush). Actually i never bother to buy actual blush. So, why do we have to be constrained when it comes to fashion? That should be the fun of it all!

  • I actually multi-use–a dark brown eye shadow (matte) I use as a brow filler, eyeliner and contouring powder. I want to use it as a bronzer, but I guess it’s quite dark… a lighter shade could definitely pass as one.

  • I multi-task with a lot of makeup products and have used blush as eyeshadow. 100 Percent Pure makes a Pretty Naked Palette, which contains neutral eyeshadows, a blush and luminating powder. I’ve been known to brighten up my look by using all three products on my eyes.

  • I am using my eyebrow pencil as eyepencil, a super light coloured eyeshadow as concealer. Whenever I need a cateye I also use eyeshadow and apply it wet with a regular painting brush (acrylic, soft but not too soft). Bronzing blush goes onto my eyes somtimes and reddish blush sometimes ends up in my lips. Whatever works, has the right colour and texture. I don’t care about names.

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