Botta Does It Better

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Botta Does It Better

Oh, Mario Botta – what an architect!

I know I’ve talked about my love of architecture before (I just find beautiful buildings so inspiring), and recently I’ve come to admire Botta’s work in particular. Especially this church, which sits atop a Swiss mountain in a small village called Mogno. It’s amazing how a traditional structure like a church can be reimagined, designed into a modern piece of art.

One day, I’ll (hopefully) see it in real life. I also love Barragan‘s church with the pink cross. What are some of the buildings you find most beautiful? There are so many already on my list of “must sees”!


Add yours
  • Ce que je voudrais voir ne tient même pas sur une liste…parce que je voudrais voir aussi des choses dont je n’ai pas encore idée ;-). J’avoue que certains bâtiments me fascinent et pas toujours dans un sens positif: j’ai vu des photos d’immenses tours d’habitation en Chine qui m’ont fait froid dans le dos!! Certainement, un truc à voir malgré tout

  • This church is so intimate…amazing.
    XOX, Gap.

  • Ahhh!!! Mille fois merci pour cette section! Ça me fait penser que l’architecture peut être cool si je la vois dans un blog comme celui-ci. Botta est vraiment sublime, d’une élégance impressionnante. Mes architectes préférés en ce moment sont Herzog & de Meuron, Coop Himmelb(l)au, Daniel Libeskind et Zaha Hadid. Que des bâtiments futuristes et pointus, je sais, mais ça me fait rêver de me demander à chaque fois comment ils ont fait pour que le bâtiment tienne debout.

  • At the moment, I’m just in love with the old favorites – but I definitely admire the work of more futuristic architects too! Herzog & de Meuron and Hadid are incredible. Thank you so much for putting me onto the others, too!

  • I went to see this church and it was incredible, especially in such a special setting setting, in the mountains. The area (Vallemaggia) is so scenic, and the food so good. You should go!

  • love how the light enters — architecture is amazing


  • Thanks for bringing my awareness to these structures – very soothing and inspiring!

  • Amazing architecture, masterpiece. Check out Tadao Ando’s work. Very inspiring.

  • What a masterpiece! Beautiful!

  • bavarian_blue February, 6 2015, 2:59 / Reply

    For You more reachable than Switzerland: F.L.Wright’s Wayfarers chapel in L.A. (definitely a divine location for wedding). http://www.wayfarerschapel.org/your-visit/architecture/
    In Europe: Le Corbusier’s Convent La Tourette (http://www.couventdelatourette.fr/)

  • I have the chance to live in Switzerland and one thing I love is Botta’s architecture! Some years ago during a trip to the Ticino area I went to Mogno. It was the end of november, which means that it begins to get dark really early. We made the way through a mountain road and when we got there we just had the last minutes of daylight… just enough to enjoy the beauty of the chruch… and then, it was all dark… I would like to go again and be able to really appreciate it!!! If one day you come to Switzerland, you shouldn’t miss it! Also as Olivia said, the area is beautiful… Also, if you like Mario Botta, you should take a look to the Monte Tamaro church.. stunning! Here’s a link to two pics of it https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10155197954595112.1073741835.591855111&type=1&l=6449f789b9

  • wow
    not an architect but if you like this you might love Daniel de Buren’s interventions in a chapel in Guadalajara

  • So peaceful and I also love Hadid, unfortunately her design called string of pearls was not chosen here in south Wales. Also find some bridges and occasionally tunnels incredibly beautiful.

  • L’architecture est magnifique !


  • Zaza of Geneva February, 6 2015, 5:24 / Reply

    You should also check the work of Peter Zumthor, another Swiss architect. He has entirely redesigned the thermal baths in Vals, Switzerland.

  • Diana P. February, 6 2015, 7:16 / Reply

    This is truly breathtaking, Mario Botta is a great architect indeed!
    I’ve done my final architecture essay on Rothko Chapel, where three arts (architecture, painting, music) meet to create a spiritual place, open to humanity!

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  • Hey Neada!
    I bet you would love this chapel by Peter Zumthor too! http://www.archdaily.com/106352/bruder-klaus-field-chapel-peter-zumthor/
    I learned about it in one of my art history clases, the profesor is really passionate about modern sacral buildings, and there’s really A LOT of amazing architecture to see in this genre!
    This chapel of Zumthor fascinated me in particular: the whole idea of creating the inner wall structure by burning down a wooden frame… and the hole on top for different light effects… amazing!
    Keep on posting about architecture, I find it a very interesting input on the blog!
    xx Judith

  • Growing up in Switzerland, this area was our go to place for summer holidays and of course we visited this breath-taking and at the same time calming church. It definitely worth the trip!


  • I also find architecture so inspiring and I am lucky living between Dubai with its old and new architecture and Amsteradam with its gorgeous canal houses that I am spoilt with inspiration. Thanks for sharing this image as I never imagine a church to look like this and I have now discovered a new architect to follow. With love sojustnice.com

  • Botta is one of my favourite architect too. Everything he does is just magical, timeless, Dainty and Chic!


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