Bright Eyes

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Bright Eyes

When it comes to makeup, “adventurous” is not necessarily a word I would use to describe my routine. And while sticking to the basics is a safe bet that can do no wrong, there is something so cool about bold, colorful beauty choices.

I’m starting with the eyes, the most neglected part of my face when it comes to makeup (mascara only, kind of gal). Here are the looks I’m dying (albeit a bit nervous!) to try:

1. Blue (or purple!) eyeliner – I love how one simple stroke of colored eyeliner provides such an interesting pop.

2. A Nude Shadow – When I tried to jump on the nude lipstick bandwagon, I quickly learned the color completely clashed with my skin tone, I’m hoping my eyelids will provide a more subtle pallet for the shade.

3. Pink eye shadow – I’m basically sold on anything that’s pink, but I especially love the color as an eyeshadow. Slightly grungy, slightly feminine, I’m going to have to try this one come Friday Night.

What do you think about the colorful eye?? Any beauty trends you want to try?

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  • Perfect!


  • that stilla eyeliner in blue looks so appealing! :)

  • I totally feel ya! I never even wore eye shadow until this year- it felt like it was a ‘special occasions only’ super dressed up look. But I recently got some champagne colours for my blue eyes and they’re amazing! Then added in a purple/burgundy/brown pallat and it’s so so so good. The girl at the MAC counter talked me into it, and I was super dubious as my skin has red tones…. she said it will make me look more tanned, not bring out the red, and she was 100% correct. I’m now wearing it everyday with a little brown mascara. The best thing about the pallet is I can blend a lighter nude colour from the inside corners to a darker purple on the outside. So chic!

  • I love blue eyeliner, definitely a must have! x

  • ReadYouIWill May, 20 2016, 5:31 / Reply

    Go for it!
    1, navy/turquoise eye-shadow goes w everything and every eye colour. I rarely wear black now, navy is my go to.
    2, no worries, add gold or plum or brown as an accent. And go back and try lots of different lippies, it took ages for me to find a nude one that didn’t look I was on my way to a mortician.
    3, I find this only works in pale blush. If darker/brighter pink goes near my inner eye corner I look like I’ve been crying!
    That’s all I’ve got, for what its worth!

  • I tend to be more adventurous in summer. Somehow summer cries out for more color I think. And it’s fun to try sth new.

    You should try out all these looks as that’s what summer/life is for!

  • Natalie May, 20 2016, 10:40

    Thank you for the encouragement! I think I just might :) x Natalie

  • I am also a mascara girl but I will give a pink eye shadow a try.

  • Murielle May, 20 2016, 5:10 / Reply

    J’adore la couleur du fard à paupières sur le mannequin, tu connais la référence de ce produit ?

  • I have hazel eyes and am brunette and I’d love to try this look. Is that pink eye shadow she has on in the photo? That looks like more a reddish-mauve….can you tell me?

  • Natalie May, 23 2016, 11:11

    Hi Susan,

    In the photo, the color is actually the result of mixing two lip pencils, one from Mac and one from Nars. You can find the links to the exact products in this post here! x Natalie

  • Murielle May, 23 2016, 10:42 / Reply

    Natalie, I like the eye shadow of the picture, you know the name of this color and brand ?

  • Natalie May, 23 2016, 11:09

    Hi Murielle,

    In this photo the eyes are actually a blend of 2 lip pencils, one from Mac and one from Nars. You can find links to the products in this post here! x Natalie

  • Murielle May, 24 2016, 3:30 / Reply

    Hi Natalie
    thank you for information

  • Lisa eldridge does a great video on finding the right nude lip colour for your skin tone. She does a great job of breaking it down, comparing undertones and recommending shades. Im pretty fair, but with olive undertones and need to go a bit brown or peach for a colour to look nude, that traditional pale pink colour looks shocking on me.

  • Le fard rouge/bordeaux à ma préférence depuis des années. Bien sur il faut avoir bien dormi ou un bon anticernes sauf soiree Halloween et c’est un autre sujet. Faute d’en trouver je l’ai fabriqué en mélangeant diverses teintes voire même textures. J’ai decouvert qu’une grande marque francaise lançe une édition limitée auteur du rouge, yeux inclus. Enfin. Dans le même registre et plus facile la couleur prune,moins lumineuse toutefois, qui a mon sens met en valeur toutes les couleurs de yeux et de peaux.

    L’autre truc que j’aime c’est le gloss sur les paupières seul ou sur un fard après une bonne base. L’homeoplasmine ou la crème de 8h faute de mieux. YSL à supprimé le sien qui était génial.

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