Brighten My Day!

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Brighten My Day!

As winter’s gloomy tones become apparent, the simple pleasure of visiting museums and galleries has its way of becoming more enticing each weekend. 
I’ve always been one to purchase those post cards at the end of an exhibit too (am I alone here?!), my way of owning a piece of the extraordinary artworks on view to remember my visit.  The Neue Galerie and MoMA are my go-tos here in New York, but what’s even cooler is attending a friend’s opening and possibly… maybe… hopefully obtaining a reasonably priced print to support. 

My friend Kava recently had a showing at Saturdays and, without knowing it, my favorite photo of hers was available in a limited print of 100 (and still is here!) – its bright fuzzy mood may be just the piece to brighten your day, every day, once it’s hanging in your home. And, who knows, maybe there will be a post card option in the near future!

Do you take the art home with you in some form, or keep it with you by memory?


Add yours
  • I can’t say I’ve done the postcard takeaway at museums, but definitely have from galleries on First Friday artwalk nights. I use them as bookmarks :) (Otherwise, they’d just get lost.) Your friend’s photo is very lively and perfect for winter!

  • Brie tu n’es pas seule,
    Je fais exactement la même chose : à chaque exposition j’aime emporter un petit souvenir du ou des tableaux que j’ai aimé ou préféré. ça permet de se rappeler ce moment et l’émotion qu’on a pu avoir face à l’oeuvre.

  • Beautiful work! (And reasonably priced!). On the close up at the website I think I see some really gorgeous structures in there as well.
    I love to buy postcards at museums (and force myself to actually send them out to people I know will appreciate them, so they go into the world instead of loitering around in my drawers) and occasionally I buy actual photographic works that strike me deeply.

  • I miss that museums no longer carry notecards with images of the exhibitions. I realize the cost is exorbitant, and given the fact that no one (other than me!) probably writes “real notes” anymore, it’s pretty ridiculous for them to print cards. But I’d love to have such cards to use to share the exhibitions with others.

  • I love the moma – nothing better than going to a museum on a cold day


  • Marianne November, 4 2015, 5:35 / Reply

    Je fais la même chose que toi Brie ! J’aime bien prendre une ou deux carte des œuvres qui m’ont plu dans l’expo : )

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