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Calendula, My hero.

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Calendula, My hero.

The other day, my skin freaked out.

It comes with the beauty editor territory; I try a lot of different things and sometimes they aren’t the right thing.

I tried a new cleansing system and woke up in the morning with a totally red, dry, splotchy face (the kind that hurts). I made the seriously rookie mistake of applying my normal moisturizer, a little bit of makeup and heading out the door.

By the time I got to the office, I looked like a tomato.

I immediately removed my makeup and headed to the beauty closet in search of something, anything, with calendula.

Why calendula?

It has some serious healing power. It’s great for hydrating damaged and dry skin, and it’s especially effective at calming redness. I highly recommend keeping a product with it on hand in case you ever have a beauty mishap like mine…

PS: I love Jurlique’s Calendula Calming Mist and Weleda’s Calendula Face Cream.


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  • calendula cream is great for any problem of the skin! :)

  • Michele P March, 10 2014, 12:52 / Reply

    Le calendula c’est une fleur jaune orangée bien connue qu’on appelle le SOUCI .
    Pour les françaises le laboratoire Boiron fait une crème homéopathique au calendula très efficace contre les rougeurs , les irritations , et peut même être utilisée sur une peau de bébé ; en plus elle sent bon …
    Je l’ai découverte pour soigner la peau de mon fils quand il était enfant, et depuis j’en ai toujours dans ma trousse de toilette au cas où .
    bien amicalement

  • Love your illustrations ;)

  • i love calendula! i used to have a sore cream with it, but unfortunately can’t remember what it was called. anyway, yes, highly recommendable!

  • Gabriella March, 10 2014, 1:11 / Reply

    Garance, you have to try Paula’s Choice!
    No fancy words or empty promises. It works.

    I have very dry and blemish prone skin. It worked wonders!!
    Please promise me you will try it!


  • Miruska March, 10 2014, 4:37

    I use Paula’s Choice as well and have to agree that it’s amazing stuff. Her cleanser removes all the makeup, no need for an additional makeup remover. Great moisturizers. But I have especially benefited from her AHA products. I am over 40, have combination skin with very dry areas and large pores and live in a cold climate. I used to break out and had all sorts of issues. But since using her products, no issues whatsoever.

  • I need a new skin routine

  • Weleda is fantastic! But for me, the best emergency cream ever is Lucas PawPaw ointment from Australia, this cream is pure magic and works for many skin conditions, also quite nasty ones. I also use it for my kids, the call it “The magic Cream”. You probably wouldn’t use it all over your face, but to heal certain areas it’s fantastic! xxx

  • Lucas Paw Paw is amazing stuff. Living in Australia is hard work on your skin but this heals everything! It’s only AUD $4.99 for a tube that lasts forever.

  • My favorite is Arbordoun’s…not too expensive, all natural, and locally made here in the northwest. It’s a bit on the oily side though, so I mostly use it at night. You can get it on amazon.

  • Oh babe!…. I have had those moments!…I have hypersensitive skin which is such a pain in the butt!!….Jurlique’s Mist is absolute magic!….. hope everything has calmed down now.x

  • La calendula a pleins de super vertu, notamment pour la peau.
    Dans ce genre de situation, tu peux également utiliser du gel d’aloe vera :)

  • Boiron sells a calendula cream in the U.S. In ointment form, it’s the much-beloved Homéoplasmine.

    I second the recommendation on Paula’s Choice. Unglamorous but effective.

  • I love calendula, saved me so many times! xx

  • Moi je ne jure que par le marque apaisant hydratant d’avène. un bonheur

  • Weleda is great! i used it for my baby’s little but… Also fantastic for dry heels and hands.

  • Laura Jean March, 11 2014, 12:29 / Reply

    When I had to get radiation for breast cancer, it’s what the hospital gave me to put on right after. It’s so soothing, they found it was the best thing to keep people from getting irritated and burned. Now I use it for a million things. Best sunburn cream ever.

  • I use a calendula ointment for my dry and chapped hands, during winter. It’s a very good affordable product.

  • Nice tip! I keep getting loads of red, dry blotches on my face because of the changes from cold to hot temperatures – will try this cream out and see how I get on.

  • C’était quoi le nettoyant, qu’on ne l’essaye pas? :)

  • I always read the comments after every post and I just need to say this because it’s driving me MAD!
    At the top of each post it says who has written it. It’s a ‘new’ thing but it is not just Garance’s voice on this blog anymore. I’m even annoyed that some of you can’t simply tell by the tone and style of writing that it isn’t Garance speaking – to me, it’s clear. THIS POST IS BY ALEX. So, please check who wrote the post before directing your comments to the wrong person. It is offensive to the writer of the post and annoying to everyone who bothers to read the most obvious byline in the world (just below the post title). Rant over. Love your work, ALEX. And Garance :-)

  • If you like Calendula, you should use Jojoba oil, it is the best oil ever.
    It basically fixes everything and is amazing for a perfectly moisturized skin. My grandmother has been using it everyday for ages, she is now 85 and looks amazing, so when a friend of mine told me her dermatologist told her it was the best cure against Paris stress and pollution I tried it. I am not addicted to it. Use it at night and you will really see a difference.
    You can find it in any Pharmacy in France but I am pretty sure you can find it in New York.

  • j’adore la creme calendula de Santa Maria Novella!!!

  • Albertine March, 19 2014, 8:55 / Reply

    J’adore la creme Calendula!

  • Calendula cream got me through my radiation treatment. My oncologist was not on board but he could not deny how great my red/burnt skin looked after the treatment ended.

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