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Call me, maybe?

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Call me, maybe?

I have a landline…

Okay, not actually a land line, but for a week I have only been able to use my mobile (the only phone I have) when connected to wifi. As in, no texting while walking, adios to being an Instagram zombie roaming the streets, no changing plans last minute … none of that. To tell you the truth, I don’t hate it. Its been nice even!

If I made a plan with someone, I had to keep it… the place, the time, all of it. There was no “text you when I’m in the car” or “…wait! lets meet here ” . Because by that time, I had already left and was en route to our confirmed meeting location with no way of knowing plans had changed. It was cool to come home and check my messages, just like the good ol’ days. Oooooh 13 new messages?! I felt popular – it was like an ego boost, and gave me something to look forward to checking instead of something I looked at all day long.

Anyways, it’s been a nice departure, not being completely attached to my phone 24/7, I felt less stressed. Like, everyone and everything can and will wait. Sometimes it’s little things like minor phone inconveniences that remind you to slow down and look up – there’s a whole world out there to take in!

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  • Sounds very nice and peaceful, ahh the days without smartphone, I think we all can use a digital break now and then ;)

  • I know what you feel.

    I just broke my mobile last weekend. It fell down and the screen broke. So I switched to my old mobile which is probably too old for modern internet and doesn’t enable normal access to it.

    So unhappy… But yes, I didn’t check my e-mail or Instagram for the whole weekend and it felt good.
    I miss the camera most of all. When I see sth interesting I can’t take a picture of it. I was so used to it…

    I don’t want to buy a new mobile right now so I’ll see how I can manage. :)


  • C’est BO ????

  • I have to confess: I very often turn on the airplane mode.
    And it feels so goooooood! So tired of being that person who’s constantly attached to the phone… Kinda miss the good old days, yep.


  • Eqwaleea March, 16 2016, 6:08 / Reply

    Much luck with your connection… Landlines are sooo flakey….cutting out and going dead during calls …don’t ring sometimes when you are waiting…soo crazy expensive too

  • It is so so true – all this technology makes us so impatient!


  • Love them :)


  • I used to do this, but unfortunately other people would forget I didn’t always have a phone and Internet, and send me those last second cancellations, changes in plans, etc…. Which I only got hours later. Sigh.

  • Ah yes, thats where things get tricky! But if we tell people before, maybe they too will try harder :)

  • Jessica March, 17 2016, 1:15

    There’s a cost to every transition. After a couple of miss en-route situations, people will start remembering.

  • Ju Medeiros March, 16 2016, 11:14 / Reply

    Ola!! Qual previsão do livro editado no Brasil? aguardo anciosa.

  • Tout à fait d’accord !!! Déconnecter c’est la clef ;)

  • I have been doing that for 3 years now, it’s less stressful, more liberating, and certainly more socially graceful

  • This is the way to go, as far as I’m concerned. Down with texting constantly too,…it’s a life-saver in emergencies, but otherwise can be a nuisance, and is certainly not conducive to mindfulness or living in the moment.

  • therese March, 16 2016, 3:28 / Reply

    It’s great that you found the fun in it. We are too attached to our phones. I was at a movie screening the other night and people on both sides of me were on their phones. I was blinded by the light and it was really distracting. Where have manners gone.

  • Aghhh thats the worst! My mind is so confused when I see people on their phones during the movies, wasn’t that the point of going, to escape?!

  • C’est drôle, moi aussi j’ai kiffé, les premières fois où je me suis retrouvée sans téléphone. Ce sentiment de liberté, d’être meilleure que tous les accros du textos… Mais en fait au bout de 72 h j’en avais trop marre. Et maintenant, si j’ai le moindre problème sur mon téléphone ou que je e le fais voler (ça arrive) je m’occupe direct de le faire réparer. C’est bien d’être libre, mais tout le monde ne sait pas qu’on n’est pas joignable. Et c’est exaspérant de ne pas pouvoir s’organiser je trouve ! Je sais je suis une addict, pas mieux que tous les autres !

  • I don’t think I would go back to just using a landline…but trying to use my smartphone in moderation keeps me present throughout the day. I try not to check my e-mail excessively, I only check social media twice a day (once in the morning before my day starts and once when I get home in the evening to catch up on what went on that day). It’s nice to have it for when those plans change or for when you get lost or need to look something up haha

  • Jessica March, 17 2016, 1:12 / Reply

    Brie, this could be your new normal. It’s just up to you!

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