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Carte Blanche: Home

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Carte Blanche: Home

Since we are shaking things up this season with our Carte Blanche episodes, we want to hear from you! In the next few months, we’ll be diving into self-discovery and one of our favorite topics, SEX! So please, send us your stories! You can send us audio files, questions, essays, ideas, anything really! Your submission can be anonymous, fictional, funny, heartbreaking, whatever you’d like. So, submit your story to [email protected] We can’t wait to hear from you!

Now, onto today’s episode…

As we all know, a home does not have to be the place you were born, where you grew up, or even where you live now. It can be a person or a smell, and your understanding of it can evolve as you grow older. Homes can be nomadic, they can be wherever your loved ones are, or, it can even be a place you’ve never been before.

This month’s episode of Carte Blanche explores this idea of home and we talk to a few friends of the Atelier about what home means to them.

Carie spoke with our good friend, Lizzie Mac, from The Gathery, an experiential agency in New York. Lizzie is the child of refugees and a first generation Asian-American. She sat down with Carie to talk about her experience of what it’s like to be a beautiful blend of multiple cultures and how that has shaped her identity. They talk about Lizzie’s decision to finally visit the country her parents had to flea decades ago and what it was like to be welcomed into a place she’d only known from afar.

Then, Veronica chats with one of our favorite writers, Sarah Tarca, who helms the lifestyle website, The Wayward, about editing down her life, embracing new places, new adventures (those planned and some very happy surprises along the way), and ultimately about redefining the idea of home as she knew it.

Special thanks to The Smile Radio for letting us recording in their rad space!


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  • Hey! I’m a great fan of Pardon my French and PMF. But recently when you invite guests on air from distance – the sound quality is poor and it’s difficult to listen :( could you improve it?

  • Hi Justyna – Thank you for being a fan! The call-in feature is new for us and definitely something we’re working to improve on all the time. x Carie

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira December, 19 2018, 2:07 / Reply


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