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Cat Calling

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Cat Calling

The New York Times’ Modern Love column this week inspired our latest pocket PMF, which Emily is hosting while Garance is in Morocco. Heather Burtman’s piece got Emily, Natalie and Tori talking about unwanted attention from men, their experiences and how it makes them feel, the sexualization of women, and so much more. This is only the tip of the iceberg on a very relevant conversation, so we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Pocket PMF: Catcalling
Pardon My French with Garance Doré
Pocket PMF: Catcalling
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  • Helena June, 23 2017, 5:06 / Reply

    I heard the podcast – very interesting topic! This is definitely and issue.
    With regards to your discussion about whether this happens only in big cities: I can assure you, I am from a relatively small town in Spain and I have experience cat calling there even more often than in the big cities where I have lived (including New York). Maybe it’s because of the more “open”/”easy-going” Spanish personality?

    I definitely feel uncomfortable when I get unwanted attention, and sometimes also when it is non-verbal. For instance, if there is a group of guys and they look at you and make comments among themselves in a pretty obvious and vulgar way when you pass by, I also find that a bit annoying. Can’t they be more discrete?

    Anyways I think this is sadly something unavoidable… In my case, I always just ignore it. Actually when I was younger I once got cat called by a group of girls (!), in a mean way, and by trying to respond to them I almost got into a fight! I was pretty scared in the end haha. So I figured it is usually better to let it go, especially when they are strangers (disrespectful people don’t deserve our attention and energy anyways right?)

  • Rachel Joy June, 26 2017, 3:24 / Reply

    This is definitely an issue that unfortunately still needs to be addressed.

    I work in London, and constantly travelling around the city, going to meetings and also visiting projects – property refurbishments and new builds – and unfortunately the stereotype of builders/labourers catcalling is not untrue.

    I find that on most of our company sites, the labourers don’t catcall as such, but the staring and looks as if they’ve never seen a woman before is so uncomfortable. Walking to the office, I take a short cut which is essentially through an industrial site, and it’s so uncomfortable; the whistling, the looks, the comments. Most of the time, I call someone to speak to, or failing that I hold the phone to my ear, as If I am on it so I can pretend I can’t hear them. If I particularly feel insecure or just not in the mood, I will even walk the extra five minutes just so I don’t have to go through it. I do get annoyed that I feel I need to do something to distract myself, especially when I walk the extra 5 minutes, but it’s just something that I can accept or pander to.

    Thank you for discussing this topic on the podcast. I think next time I will make eye contact and stare! Lol Actually, I will most likely chicken out of that!

    Looking forward to Pocket PMF in the fall.

    Enjoy your summer ladies xxx

  • Jessica González June, 28 2017, 7:54 / Reply

    I experienced catcalling growing up in L.A. My cousin and I devised a game to combat us from turning our head whenever someone honked their horn at us. If someone honked at us and if one of us looked, we would punch (really hard) whoever looked. I am basically conditioned to not look when I hear a horn. My husband could be honking to get my attention and I will not look.

    Love the podcast, makes my commute fun especially after a long day! Thank you!

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