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Do you believe in chakras? It’s not for everyone, but it’s cool to think of these energy points in different areas of the body, and what they might mean.

We came across these chakra sprays and had the funniest time all deciding which ones suited each of us best — or what we all needed the most! (Haha, guess what Garance chose!) Aveda does seven different types — you go online and look at the options, responding to the color, symbol and word that appeals to you most. So, we cheated a little and sprayed the Studio with all kinds of scents and took what we loved most. – but we’re really going to use them!

Then you use the one you instinctively choose, spraying it onto your body (preferably before a massage!), and it helps to invigorate that part of you. 

So, what do you think – cool or crazy? And which one would you pick?

Chakra 1, Aveda.


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  • This is so fun! I choose chakra one, red – and it definitely fits. I’ll try to be more mindful!

    Warm Regards,

  • I love Aveda, and I love their Chakra scents. I have the Chakra one and Chakra four scents. I love using them before I practice yoga.

  • I totally believe in it. I have to try this

  • I do not believe in this stuff. I am Indian and i see these words thrown around. A Lot ! I do yoga, and there is no real science that supports chakras. You can believe in anything though, it it makes you feel better. Placebo effect is powerful.

    And all this terminology: harmony, bliss etc that Aveda associates with each of their products, try finding their equivalent in Sanskrit. Good luck !

  • I don’t believe in chakras, but I love the smell of these sprays and spritz them on my yoga mat and towel.

  • Les produits pour cheveux de cette marque sont très bons. On peut les trouver chez Sephora.

  • bavarian_blue April, 29 2015, 2:35 / Reply

    Love Aveda, because of the high quality of ingredients/products. I see chakra-scents as a playful way to choose what fits you best.

  • Aveda = animal cruelty free lovely aromatherapy products! Worth every cent! Love how environmentally and socially conscious they are! The biodegradable packaging, the fresh healing ingredients, the fair trade production and their charity work! AMAZING brand!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love this. In yoga we work with the energy centers / chakras a lot as a way to check in with the body to see how we are doing. I like how this information is now more mainstream and incorporated in healing products like these from Aveda. The interactive online chakra education is great from Aveda – thanks for sharing! xx

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