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Cj Hendry is fascinated by the fact that most people put art on their walls as the final, finishing touch when designing a space; so to flip this idea on its head, for her solo exhibition MONOCHROME she’s created a home where her art drives the design.

The exhibition will grace all of our social feeds this weekend with the color pops we’re all in need of in this never ending winter! Set up in a mock home built in an empty warehouse, each room is color coordinated (hence the name MONOCHROME) with her hand sketched images of Pantone color cards. Which, for the record, are made with colored pencils (!!!!) How insane is that?! The immersive, hands on experience starts off with an all blue patio, and weaves through the home revealing a new surprise around every corner.


And attendees are encouraged to participate in the exhibit. Sit at the red, fuzzy dining table, jump in the bed of pink stuffed animals, sit at the desk in the orange office and give it your best Mad Men impersonation.

As Hendry explains, “I have created space where instead of reading a blurb about the show and artwork you can physically walk through what I am trying to say. So, you physically get to experience the blurb on the wall.”

If you’re in New York, stroll on over after brunch this weekend and visit “MONOCHROME,” open to the public on Thursday, April 5 through Sunday, April 8 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. at 276 Greenpoint Ave. Bonus: It’s free.

Images by Andy Romer

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