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I have been following CJ Hendry on Instagram for a few years now and I am always giddy when she announces her next show.

Obviously for the art (which is all done in COLORED PENCIL — YES PENCIL!!!), but also for the show itself because she’s been able to create an experience to support her art better than any other artist I’ve recently encountered.

You might remember seeing her MONOCHROME exhibit on your feed last year, where she built an entire house with monochromatic rooms.

Well, in contrast, her current show, RORSCHACH is stark white — but in the form of a warehouse size bouncy-castle meant to mimic an insane asylum.

After bouncing your way through the padded walls, you round a corner and come upon a room full of her art. The art itself is color penciled renderings of “squishes” (as CJ refers to them) or Rorschach ink blots in an array of colors.

And of course there are a few other fun details (CJ clearly loves the details in life) I’ll let you experience for yourself.

Now here are all the deets you need:

Dates of show: April 10th – 21st
Location: 202 Plymouth Street, Dumbo
Tickets: $10, only available upon entry
Hours: 10am – 9pm

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  • Rae Rae April, 16 2019, 7:25 / Reply

    Thanks for the tip. Also, first time commenting on one of your posts, but I always read yours. Appreciate your topics and writing. Thank you!

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