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Cleanse, Day 3

8 years ago by

I declare myself, Juice Cleanse World Champion!

I’ve officially completed the three day cleanse and I feel pretty darn good. I didn’t go into this with any huge expectations, I didn’t expect glowing skin or thinner thighs. I still love food, I will always love eating food (and I will be eating more peanut butter bacon cheeseburgers in the future).

Having these juices gave my digestive system a much needed rest. I feel like my insides are a little bit happier (and cleaner) and even if that is just a feeling, I like it. The hardest part honestly, was going without coffee for 72 hours (new world record). I was feeling a little like this at times…


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  • Ah le café, moi aussi c’est mon petit faible. Bises Garance et bon week-end !


  • ce n’est pas garance qui fait la détox, c’est Alex

  • I wish you the best of luck on this cleanse!


  • Pourquoi s’infliger un régime détox?! C’est sans doute mon esprit trop frenchy avec un point de vue masculin, mais il faut manger ce que l’on veut, tant que la santé ne s’en retrouve pas compromise. D’ailleurs, je ne pense pas que ce soit une bonne idée de poster autant d’articles sur ce genre de régimes, cela pourrait vraiment influencer certaines personnes à faire de même, et j’imagine que cette détox n’est pas adaptée à tout le monde.


  • Hi Benoît, Thank you for the comment! It is not something I am suggesting for everyone, it was the first time I had tried this and wanted to share what the experience had been like. Thanks! Alex

  • Congrats on your three-day cleanse. I am curious to know whether these drinks are high in sugar and also, did you put yourself on a strict schedule so that you drank the juice at the same time each day? Did you ever forget to drink a juice? If so, what did you do? Also, did you cut out snacks, too?

  • Hi! I didn’t drink them at the same time everyday, I would have a juice whenever I started to feel hungry but I never skipped one. On this cleanse, you are allowed to eat raw fruit, veggies, avocado and broth based soups so I did have avocado on two of the days. Thanks for the comment! Alex

  • Cory Scott February, 23 2013, 1:14 / Reply

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    Xoxo Cory

  • Good luck, I have always wanted to try a juice cleanse but I’m too chicken.

  • “Pajoveralls!” Congratulations Juice Champ! I know juice is almost as controversial as wearing Uggs or shoes without socks in the cold, but I think giving your body a rest for a couple of days sounds like a good idea (especially from the caffeine). I’ve found that juicing more has me thinking about the types of foods I eat and as a result I’m making better food choices. It’s a start!

  • $160 for 18 juices? They’d better be made of gold! And I’m sure they are not. In fact, by the time you consume them, they have probably lost all their nutrients and their vitamins have been oxidized.
    I can see that this is the new “it” thing in fashion world, but wouldn’t it be much better if you ate fresh fruit and vegetable instead?

  • C’est sûr que le tour de cuisse fond, mais malheureusement ce n’est pas durable avec ce genre de diète (car on perd plus d’eau qu’autre chose). Les nutriments sont certainement à revoir dans ce genre de conditionnements, et il vaut peut-être mieux faire tout simplement attention au jour le jour, en sachant se faire plaisir raisonnablement pour pouvoir profiter comme il se doit de petits à côté ; ) Mais même si je suis contre ce genre de régimes (et contre tous les régimes, en fait), je félicite l’effort et ta volonté ! xxx

  • Hi Alex!

    Congrats! I heard about this juice cleanse, I think 3 days is ok, but I heard some people doing it for weeks and that could be harmful!
    I don’t think I would do that because I’m too French and I like to eat and chew my food but drinking green juice is a good idea and it really help the skin if you do it daily! Actually I have to start again after a week of eating in Brittany (look for kouign amann you’ll understand ;) )


  • delphine2d February, 23 2013, 4:57 / Reply

    Happy endings is the best show!!!! love Penny

  • bravo, il faut avoir le courage de ne plus rien mâcher pendant 3 jours ! Je suis sure que le système digestif adore ca de temps en temps. Si j’étais sage avec moi-même je ferais pareil ;))

  • Candida A. February, 23 2013, 10:09 / Reply

    Juice cleanses are definitely difficult so congrats to you. I’ve done a longer term juice cleanse, but I did the earlier detox of caffeine and white flour. At the end, I felt great and I’ve been thinking of doing another one since it’s been about a year. I can’t wait to worry people all over again LOL

  • big congrats! are you going to do this on a regular basis now?


  • Have you seen the movie “Fat, sick and nearly dead”? its an interesting documantry about juice cleansing. I recommend it!


  • I have one smart question: are you allowed to smoke while you cleanse? If not, then it would be a new world record for me if I manage to get past day 3. Bravo for you anyways! Penny and Alex are hilarious as always

    eyeshadow illustrator

  • Hello Alex, Emily, Garance !!

    Félicitations Alex !!!!! franchement je ne sais pas comment tu as fait pour tenir 3 jours !!
    Tu n’as rien le droit de manger d’autre ?! rien du tout ??!
    En tout ca, c’est clair que ça doit faire du bien !! Tu dois te sentir LEGERE !! ah ah !!
    Est-ce que vous avez des produits à nous conseiller, nous françaises ?!!

    Bises à vous,


  • Oh, congrats Garance! I could not imagine myself being without coffee for that long. I’d probably go crazy and stuff my face in junk food right away, hahah :).


  • Gita, actually Alex did the cleansing :)

    I am trying something but it’s not a juice cleanse per se: as Lent began (if you think about it all religions have a period of cleansing or fasting so it might be good for the body and the mind…) I stopped coffee (quite hard Alex I agree), meat and most sweets. I would have a green juice once in a while but otherwise I just eat less and I already feel the benefits :)

  • Well done, Alex! I want to do this as well. I guess my body would thank me. :-) It’s just hard to start.

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